Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday flowers...poppies

Having a conversation?
Friday flowers today is a bunch of poppies that I bought almost 2 weeks ago. They are just hanging on, most have dropped, but I have enjoyed their company immensely!

I hope you enjoy these images :)

Happy weekend to you all. I am a bit excited as next week is my "birthday week".
Well, it's really Monday but I thought I'd stretch it out a bit. I'm not planning much, just a family dinner, some cake and Lyn has promised me dinner out (we rarely do this!).


  1. Poppies are my favorite....happy

  2. Hi Sarah, your poppy pics are fantastic. I love the way you can actually watch the poppy buds unfurl into flowers in real time!

  3. Love the poppies....but I LOVE that painting peeking out from the back of that one photo....

  4. Great poppies Sarah, I especially love the conversation and the colourful painting. Happy birthday for Monday, hope you get spoiled rotten!

  5. I love poppies! My mum grew them and they bring back so many memories. I love their delicate fragrance and crepey petals.
    My birthday is the day before yours! Hope you have a lovely dinner x

  6. Hope you have a happy poppy birthday on Monday, your poppy pics are gorgeous.

  7. Hi Sarah,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
    I don't grow poppies but my mother and grandma did so they bring back memories for me also.
    I hope you have a super birthday and enjoy plenty of cake.
    Pamela xx

  8. Wow, the photo in front of your gorgeous artwork is stunning - the poppies really... well, pop! :)


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