Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Market this weekend!

I have been a very busy bee getting ready for the market this weekend.
You can see me and all the other artists/designers in the look book here. It's exciting - I've never looked so professional! And see, there's one of my scarves in the promotional image above. Woohoo!
I started to panic when my fabric order had not arrived and I couldn't get a tracking update online like I usually do. For all I knew it was not going to arrive in time and I'd have no scarves to sell. What a disaster!
Luckily for me the delivery man arrived at my door yesterday afternoon. Phew - he saved the day! I told him he was a lifesaver and he said, "no, I'm just a driver". I think he thought I was a bit nuts!
I'd love it if you were able to drop by to say hello...
Masonic Temple, Sandy Bay Road.
Sunday 24th Feb 10am to 3pm.


  1. I was sweating for you yesterday, Sarah. Sooo relieved. You will be sensational. Can't wait. J x

  2. Happy clap, hapy clap. So glad it arrived and breathing a big "phew" with you. Very excited you made the front banner too. Cudos (kudos.. english is not my friend tonight) to you for being such a fabulous artist! Hope it's a great day and you sparkle and shine. All the best, Natasha

  3. Wish I could drop by! Thank heavens for courier deliveries especially when you are so desperately waiting for them. Can't wait to see some photos of your stand. I'm sure it will be hugely successful for you. xx


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