Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pretty gifts from a blog friend

I was very lucky a few weeks ago to meet up with the lovely Pam from Petals and Vintage, who was in Hobart as part of her huge trip from Queensland, right down to the bottom of Tasmania and then home again.

We met up with Jane from Life on Planet Baby for a morning cuppa down on the waterfront in Hobart. It is so funny meeting someone you "know" but have never met. We all had a lovely time (and time just flew).

But just look at these beautiful goodies Pam gifted to me! A gorgeous lavender-filled mini cushion made from a vintage tablecloth, along with a couple of her pretty magnets. I love them all! Isn't she clever?
It was lovely to meet you Pam. Hopefully I can get up your way some day.
Well, it's drizzly here in Hobart this morning. The garden is thankful but to me, as much as we need the rain, it feels like the end of summer. Not happy about that!
I hope you are all having a nice week.


  1. Wowwww beautiful !!!...lovely is Molly doing ????

  2. Wow, they're lovely. I like the idea of turning pre-loved linen into other goodies. I used an old tablecloth to make a pretty pillow for Grace's bed. Having a bloggy meet up must be such fun. I hope one day I can join you and Jane for a cuppa and a long chat :) Weather here is still very summer-like and hot... I hope autumn finds it's way here very soon. Have a great day Sarah x

  3. Isn't Pam just so lovely and talented? So glad you were all able to catch up.

  4. How lovely to be able to all meet like that! And beautiful gifts :-)
    Hope you get some rain soon!

    Sarah xx

  5. Wow! Lovely post Sarah...just lovely. So fab to meet up with both you and Jane. Wasnt long enoughh though. Never mind hopefully you will be up this way one day and we can do the same again. )Now back on blogspot by the way) Thinking of doing the HD thing too...maybe. xxx

  6. Goregeous gifts and how lovely to meet up! x

  7. Suc gorgeous gifties, you were very lucky. 28th Feb, definately the end of Summer there as it is here too, we're having drenching rain tonight.

  8. What a great time you must have had with Pam and Jane and a beautiful way to remember Pam's visit. I especially love the red flowered magnet...very special.

  9. So very pretty, the lavender pillow is just gorgeous. One day, one day I hope to meet up with some of my blogging friends - perhaps I have to get myself to Hobart, or maybe a meet up point in Melbourne - now that would be fun,
    So excited to see you on the BYW course Sarah - it will be nice to have a friendly face in the room. I'm really looking forward to it, and hope for much inspiration! xx

  10. It was such a fabulous meet-up, Sarah. We were very lucky to receive Pam's pretties. Bring it on, the two Amandas! J x


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