Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lovely heat

Well, it has been a very industrious (and painful) weekend. We (mostly Lyndon) installed our new woodheater so now we can heat up the house. It is soooo nice. We will probably install some sort of heat transfer to get the heat into other rooms a bit more effectively as currently it tends to 'catch' in the high ceiling.
We also painted and sanded right up until I got dizzy up on a ladder and fell. Whoops... feeling very stiff and sore but ok.
Right now we have some guys in installing our cornice. It's all motoring along.

I went and bought a couple of new release roses for the back yard. One is a David Austin called Strawberry Hill and the other is a French Guillot rose called Florence Delattre (below). I'm not sure about the later one but am a sucker for anything French. Will see how it grows.

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  1. "feeling very stiff and sore but ok." hmmm I heard you totally knocked yourself out...not good. Glad you are ok. BE CAREFUL.


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