Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tord vase

Yay, my lovely new Tord Boontje vase Thinking of You: Forever arrived in the post from USA this week. It came flat-packed and all you do is slide the little tabs in together. It sits over the top of a glass ( or pasta sauce jar in my case).
I had to run to Salamanca markets for some flowers.

I discovered these glass artists the other day. Their names are Leanne Williams & Jim Dennison, who are also known as 'The Crystal Chain Gang'. They're in New Zealand (love NZ). This birdcage is stunning!


  1. Love the vase it's gorgeous! Mail days like that are always the best. I have tulips that same colour at the moment too, so nice and bright for this dull boring weather we are having!

  2. Hi Catherine, thanks! I love the vase and love getting packages in the mail as well!
    Hope you're keeping warm!


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