Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fabulous book

I have somewhat of a 'thing' for books, all sorts of books but particularly art, fashion and jewellery books. Well, combine that with an interest in all things fancy and you have my latest treat to myself Louis Vuitton: Art, Fashion and Architecture. This is one beautiful book which is also limited edition so I had to get my little mitts on it.

It has a funky plexiglass cover, dust jacket by artist Takashi Murakami and about 400 pages of gorgeousness. Sigh...

It's full of collaborations with artists, designers and architects.

Above is the rose motif by Stephen Sprouse. I just love it!


  1. Well well, look what you have here :) Congratulations! I'm very happy that you got it.

  2. Yes, I was very suprised that they had it in. Thanks again for you offer to track it down for me. It's a gorgeous book!

  3. Gorgeousness is surely the right word, maybe i can look for it too. A lovely treat.

  4. Kaite, you can buy a not so limited edition from Amazon -it just doesn't have the perspex cover and has a different dust jacket. QUite a reasonable price too!

  5. That building is so amazing isn't it! Wonderful book, I'm guessing you didn't find it here. I had a look at your desings in handmark, they look great you must be so pleased!

  6. Thanks Catherine, that's sweet of you to say :)


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