Sunday, November 8, 2009

Outdoor achievements

What a gorgeous weekend! We have been super busy out in the yard and I now have an additional vegie patch. Very exciting. It's already been planted out with pumpkin, capsicum, chinese cabbage, rocket, pinkeye potatoes and corn.
I thought I would post a few before and after pics - we very quickly forget how bad the yard really was. It's very rewarding to see the improvements...

Here's the front yard when we first moved in...

And here is is now...The vegie patch when we moved in...Look at it now!!!

Fresh peas..yum...and the strawberries are looking great!


  1. Good to expand the vegie patch, but it's going to be a busy little one. You could be surprised with the befores and afters with this one by christmas.

  2. The job you did with the front yard is amazing! Looking really nice.

  3. Your garden looks great - especially the front yard.


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