Sunday, November 22, 2009

Studio update

We worked very hard this weekend to get the shelving part of the storage under way. I am so tired from lifting, cutting and joining endless sheets of 16mm mdf. We now need to do a little smoothing off of some of the edges, join the units all together, put on some backing (the wall behind is very uneven), lots to do!
These are the cupboard knobs I chose for the doors. An ebay bargain.
Once the unit is finished we then have to do some plastering, get skirting board to match, picture rail, improve lighting etc etc!!


  1. It's really coming along great - I'm so impressed that you do all this work yourselves. Love the knobs!

  2. Lots of hard work but looks great.

  3. The shelving is fantastic! Your studio is comng along so nicely. LOVE those knobs you found on ebay. Can't wait to see the end result!!

  4. This is going to be so fabulous once it's all done. And you'll feel justifiably very proud of your efforts! I don't envy you the paint job...

  5. This looks so amazing Sarah, definitely worth the effort it is going to be a wonderful space! Will you be painting them white? I've always wanted a nice box shelf wall like this. Oh you asked if I was doing a market at all, I had intended to do the next mother's market but didn't hear until a week ago that I had an outdoor stall, unfortunately it wasn't really enough time, so hopefully next year! Are you going to have a stall at any time with your jewellery?


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