Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Not quite duck-egg

Still in my blue patch, we found this little rejected egg the other day - think it might be a blackbird. Very pretty colour.

I'm down to threee swatches for the studio wall so will get some samples soon. Still so much to do in there. I've lost count of all the coats of paint, maybe seven or eight. We will start on the shelving part this weekend.


  1. It's a pretty color, but it's also a very pretty pic! Love all the pastels :)

  2. What a beautiful colour that little egg is! Love the little pink dish.

  3. How extraordinary - we are finding orphan eggs too, under the apples trees. But we also had a clutch of Mother Duck and babies, so maybe our eggs were duck's. Your egg is prettier than ours. K.


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