Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas wreath

Here is my super bright and colourful home made Christmas wreath, made from tonnes and tonnes of ribbon pinned onto a foam ring. I'll attach it to the front door this weekend.
It will be a busy weekend as we get back to working on my shelving. We hope to have it planed and painted and maybe joined together by the end of the weekend.
Have a good weekend!


  1. I like the colour emphasis on the wreath, mainly greens and white, with only flashes of red. A nice choice. I love the texture too, it looks like large berries.
    Talking of berries, my raspberries are starting to ripen, how are yours going?

  2. Yes, I wasn't planning on the red but in the end it just happened. And yes, they do look like berries.
    And speaking of...mine are starting to ripen too. We have covered them but the berries are often towards the sides and the birds are still managing to get them before me. I think they'll fruit better next year as there's some good new growth.

  3. Love this wreath! It's gorgeous - great colours and the overall effect looks amazing. Was it difficult to make? I still don't have a wreath for our front door yet...


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