Monday, December 7, 2009

Our weekend

We had a super industrious weekend.
I did quite a lot of work in the garden. I planted a bunch of hydrangea cuttings and mulched the whole yard with mushroom compost.

I dug out an area at the back to put in my miserable little tomato seedlings that are just not growing. This was an old area where a pile of grass clippings had been dumped and had composted down. Being a warm spot I thought it might give the tomatoes a chance. BUT, I discovered a heap of bricks under the soil so had to dig them out. Got a bit of exercise doing that job! Grow little tomatoes,grow! They're so small that you can't even see them in the piccy!
We sealed and sprayed 2 coats of gloss white on my shelves. Slowly getting there on this job. Next part is bringing them back inside, screwing them together and attaching the edging along all the exposed edges ( so it doesn't look like mdf).

For a bit of light relief I went to the Designed Made market for a little look and came home with a lovely ceramic vase by local artist Sara Wright. The inside is glazed with a pale green glossy colour which is lovely and subtle. I like!


  1. I've got a mug that Sara Wright made a few years ago, it is one of my very specials.

    What a lot of old bricks, it's amazing what one can find buried in the backyard. I once found about a tonne of old abalone shells, the previous occupant had been an illegal abalone fisherman.
    Your little tomato seedlings should be happy now. Give them some liquid fertiliser as well for an instant burst of energy.

  2. You must be worn out this week after all that hard work over the weekend!! Hope your tomatoes like their spot and that your hydrangeas take off - I've heard mushroom compost is really good. Can't wait to see your shelving come together... and I love that vase you bought too.


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