Monday, December 21, 2009

Our big Christmas tree

After not having room for a tree for the past 7 Christmases (apartment living) we purchased a nice big one this year to make up for it.

It's huge! Four hundred lights and a bunch of new, old, borrowed and hand made decoarations's our tree.
It fits in the room beautifully and I fear there will be a huge void when we have to take it down. I have really enjoyed decorating this year. Just a bit of Christmas cooking to do and I am all ready to relax and hang out with family on Christmas Day. Molly is itching to open presents, she keeps checking the tree for Molly pressies.
Is everyone else organised?


  1. Wonderful tree, and beautiful decorations. Worth waiting for. And yes, you definately need a pelargonium, or 3. They are beautiful and very hardy, and they also quite like living in pots.
    BTW, i have exactly a quarter acre block, 1000sqm, but it's a very odd shape at the end of a culdesac. Several smallish lawns as my garden is all in "rooms". The lawns are the "passage ways".

  2. Your tree looks fantastic -it's huge! You have some really lovely decorations too - nice choice of colours. I'm almost ready for Christmas, just some cooking to do this week and need to tidy the house.

  3. What a great christmas tree - love all your decorations.
    I'm still not quite ready yet, but still 3 days to go :)

  4. Sarah your tree looks wonderful, and I bet the pine smell is especially Christmassy! Molly must be well-trained. Bruno likes to open the presents well ahead of time!


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