Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Perfect peonies

These gorgeous peonies came from the local Farm Gate Market last Sunday (in the pouring rain no less). I have never seen the single variety before but am thinking I might have to add it to my garden wish-list.
The grower told me to pick out any buds on my current plants for a couple of years as it makes the plant stronger. How am I suppose to do that when the flowers are so stunning??


  1. hi Sarah, gorgeous peonies. Maybe you could leave just one bud to flower and then pick it straight away so it didn't notice!
    And yes the blanketwrap is finished, just a few yarn ends to weave in then i'll post up a photo. cheers, K.

  2. Hi Sarah, your peonies are stunning - I gave a little gasp of delight when they appeared on my screen :) What a gorgeous shade of pink!

  3. Oh you got the lovely pink ones! They are so stunning, I think I may have to go back for more this weekend! Mine lasted for ages, I only took them out today, so a week and a half. They do get a little smelly, but they are too beautiful to mind that : )

  4. These have to be one of my favourite favourite flowers, and their season is so short, so I always try to enjoy them while I can! You're very clever to grow them. How fabulous to have them in your own garden!


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