Monday, December 14, 2009

My gingerbread house

My friend Leonie came over today and gave me a gingerbread house making lesson.
Here I am decorating (and making a huge sugary mess).
It was lots of fun. Thanks Leonie!

This is Leonie's house (below)....she went for the 'less is more' approach to decorating.

And here's mine...I went for the 'more is more' approach. It is certainly colourful and please note the little 'stained glass' window ( melted barley sugar). Ingenious!


  1. Oh yum these look so good! Were they difficult? I've always wanted to try it looks like such a fun thing to do with friends. I love all the ones in Jean pascal but I think homemade definitely looks best.

  2. Wow! Your gingerbread house looks very impressive. I love how you've decorated it. Do you buy a kit to start you off? I must try and do one of these next year.

  3. Hi again Sarah, just letting you know there's a little award for you over at my blog :)


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