Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My giveaway win!

I was very pleased to receive a lovely parcel in the post the other day from fellow blogger Rachael from A Room for Everyone.

 I was lucky enough to win my very first bloggy giveaway - a fantastic catalogue from the Titanic exhibtition currently on show at the Melbourne Museum.
It's a fabulous catalogue that has really inspired Lyndon and I to consider a weekend in the big smoke. It covers the design, construction and of course that fateful voyage. It tells stories of the passengers with amazing historical images as well as pictures of the artifacts that make up part of the exhibition on display.

Love this pic of the deck :) Thanks so much Rachael!!


  1. Oooh. Great win Molly. I've heard that exhibition is pretty awesome. My sister is obsessed with everything Titanic so I might just have to take her along.

  2. Congratulations on your win Sarah! I think a trip to see the exhibit would be fantastic. xx

  3. Congratulations !! nice book !!..............hugs Ria............happy day !!!

  4. What a great prize - you should definitely go check out that exhibition - I think it would be so interesting. Thanks for your email too, I really appreciate it - will look properly at your pics tonight x

  5. Congrats, what a lovely book. I think the Titanic is such a fascinating story (all that engineering work and design) but obviously pretty sad.

    Hope you had a great long weekend! :-)

  6. Oooh Pretty and Interesting!

    Isn't it fun to win give-aways!

  7. Well done Sarah. My sister said the exhibition was great but also a bit sad...

  8. Amazing prize, you lucky thing! Have a relax and enjoy it...
    :) Flick

  9. Oh, you lovely girl! I can't believe you posted about it! I'm so glad you like it. Hope you get to see the exhibit..and Jenny is right, it is very sad I'm afraid! Rachaelxx


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