Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Quirks of old homes (and a hot pink ensemble)

I suppose one of the downsides of owning an old home is that things all start wearing out.
The other night while I was cooking dinner I noticed the lights dim when I turned on the oven. Lyn came in from his shower to say he felt tingles off the taps and shower head. Hmm, a bit of a problem.
We went through the house and check the earth connections, the fuses and behind the panels in the switchboard (the benefit of being an electrician) and discovered a problem with the earth.
We decided if I was going to have a shower the next morning I would have to wear thongs so off I went to Kmart to buy some lovely hot pink thongs (flip flops for those of you outside Aus). Now, if I was going to shower as safely as I could that would also mean rubber gloves, and being the fashionista I am, luckily they were also hot pink. I like to be co-ordinated, even in a potentially dangerous shower situation. Can you imagine it?? What an hilarious picture.
Anyway, Lyn rang the power supplier who came around and discovered we had a broken neutral where the power enters the house - so they fixed it! No need for my hot pink showering ensemble after all :(

While we were checking the earth on the hot water cylinder (which is in our ceiling and is ancient - please don't leak!!) I thought I'd stick my head up there for the first time. WOW! There's so much room, in fact room enough for a large master bedroom and tonnes of extra storage. I had to take some pics but they don't really give an idea of the height and space.

Ours is probably the highest pitched roof in the street. I've been daydreaming ever since about a gorgeous attic room with dormer windows (the view would be great), maybe a cute little juliet balcony?
A girl can dream.

This pic (though not great) shows the light streaming in through the holes and gaps in the roof :) Amazingly, it doesn't leak in downpours (knock on wood).
Ah, the joys of an old home  :) I love it!
ps macaron recipe coming up in next post!


  1. Wear them anyway! lol
    Awesome space x

  2. That's so funny Sarah, I was laughing at your pink thongs and matching gloves! hehehehe.
    Your roof is massive! Oh how good would an attic room be! do it, do it!
    My 50yr old house gets on my nerves with it's problems such as plumbing and having an original bathroom etc but a 100 year old house is another story! So much characters though, out weighs the problems :)

  3. Thank goodness the power supplier fixed it and saved you from your hot pink shower duds! At least you have earth...Also, I've never looked in our ceiling cavity. I'm sure it would be similar to yours, but I must pop my head in to check it out.xx

  4. Wow, that roof would make a stunning additional room! You should so do it!
    What a shame you didn't get to try out your lovely pink bathing costume :-)
    I often wish our home has some of the character of a genuine oldie though I do know that all that charm does come with a few quirks.

  5. I can see a lovely attic bedroom up there! And you're not alone with house problems - ours is only around 30 years old, but we have hassles with everything from power to plumbing. So fun, isn't it? Can't wait for the recipe - sounds yum! K xx

  6. You would have looked stunning in your ensemble ; )
    Your roof space is fantastic, it would be great to convert it into a huge master bedroom suite! xx

  7. scary, but shame we didn't get to see you in the ensemble...k.

  8. Flip flops and gloves in the shower! That would have been hilarious!

  9. I think the least you could have done with teasing us about all the wonderful possibilities for your attic space is post a pic of you in your pink paraphernalia Sarah!! I hope you can make those dreams a reality one day. How awesome would that be!

  10. What a look! Oh la, la, la! LOL... I bet your mind is now consumed with plotting and planning about the new found 'space'! Good luck with it... Hope it comes to fruition...

  11. Hi Sarah, I tagged you for a game in my post today. I would love it if you played along! xx

  12. I laughed at your pink accessories! :) Your roof space is great - I've always dreamt of an attic space but that's not an option at our place.

  13. old places definitely have their own quirks don't they, my ceiling actually leaks which is awful! At least yours doesn't : )
    That space is amazing, maybe one day you can make it another room.

  14. Lol to all the funny comments about your pink ensemble Sarah! Glad it was something simple to fix though - yikes! Your roof space looks very similar to ours, only I think ours is a smidgen lower...I would love to see if you ever do decide to convert it into living space:) ~ Tina xx

  15. What? No pic of the ensemble? LOL.


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