Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pretty sky

I really enjoyed taking photos of the evening sky last week so when I saw a tinge of pink I ventured outside again last night for a few shots.

My thoughts today are with the Kiwi's who are experiencing the devastation of a horrible earthquake that occurred yesterday.
I love New Zealand and New Zealanders. Christchurch is a lovely place.
It was awful watching it all unfold on the tv yesterday.
When Lyn and I were there last (a couple of years ago now) we visited an aquarium just off the square where the terrible damaged Cathedral is. We saw the cutest little kiwi birds there as well. I have been wondering how all those animals are doing, not to mention the people.
I'm hoping everyone is okay.


  1. Yes i too was shocked by the sights on tv last night, it must be so horrifying for everyone and all the animals. hgz, k.

  2. What beautiful pink in the sky. I like the third image best.
    I watched the news last night and it is so horrific. There are just constant big natural disasters. So very sad.

  3. Gorgeous sky! I'm praying for everyone affected by the earthquake.

  4. your photo's are inspirational......and i'm with you, totally shocked and how amazing has australia helping nz xx

  5. Lovely photos Sarah - if you saw them in a painting you'd think the beauty was unreal.
    And at the other end of the scale, how terrible and sad for the New Zealanders coping with the earthquake - my heart goes out to them.

  6. Love looking at the sky, wow, great shots. Heart goes to NZ too, love Posie

  7. What a beautiful sky. My heart goes out to the people of Christchurch who have lost loved ones. I'm praying that they manage to find more survivors.


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