Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vegie patch

Time for an update on vegie patch happenings. Above are my Golden Nugget pumpkins. They're rather cute and the plant is more of a bush than sprawling like a lot of pumpkins plants are.

A baby Butternut pumpkin.

The corn has been super slow and I doubt we'll get much off it this year. Note to self; plant more next year.

The tomatoes are very very slow to ripen as we haven't had much sunny weather. I seem to forget which variety these are.

These ones are looking nice - they're Black Russian. Yum!

One of my favourite apple varieties - Cox's Orange Pippin.

One of my other faves is Lady in the Snow. Lucky for me, my two trees pollinate each other.
I've just planted more carrots, rocket, lettuce, some beans and have yellow squash on their way.
What have you guys got growing?


  1. we're eating the corn already, also 3 types of beans, the golden nugget pumpkins, beetroot, zuccini, chillis, lettuce, potatoes self sown, strawbs, just started picking the mutsu apples and rhubarb, lots of tomatoes, apple cucumbers...the list goes on. oh and carrots. all i'm buying is broccoli.
    the cox's is one of my favourites also.

  2. Oh my, I'm so jealous Sarah. What an abundance of fresh organic home grown goodies, yum!! :-)

  3. I love seeing pictures of your garden :) Not much in my tiny one...some tomatoes that I left too late in planting I think, some rocket and watercress, basil, sage, lemon thyme...I need to get out into the dirt more I think!

  4. Your vegies look great Sarah! I get so impatient to get our vegie garden planted again but we can't until we make sure it is dog proof. Seems we have a dog who eats anything! xx

  5. totally rock, i only have fresh herbs which i use all the time {so much more cost affective} is it easy growing rocket?????

  6. Your veges look great. We are eating heaps of zuchinni, cucumber and tomatoes. Hopefully the pumpkins will be ready soon. I just love eating the fresh veg knowing it is clean and healthy.
    Your photos make the veges and fruit look amazing.

  7. Woww!! Great vegies!!!
    Your photos are amazing!!! I'm sure they are delicious!!!
    Have a great day!!

  8. Oh i'm only 2 weeks into pumpkin raising, i'm pretty excited, i built an entire garden bed for them, yippee!! My husband is no longer such a fan of pumpkins after walking up & down the Lockyer Valley post Qld floods & trying to wad through mud, silt & crop after crop of Qld Blue Pumpkins. Me, love them & have an awesome pumpkin soup recipe too. Love Posie

  9. Your veg look incredibly healthy! How great to grow all those! Here we are only just starting to think about sowing seeds!
    Love the picture of Molly at the top!

  10. Wowsers! What bounty you display.
    Love to see your garden pictures. Salad for dinner?



  11. Wow they look so amazing and so yummy. Your garden is just so wonderful! Cheers katherine

  12. Hi Sarah!
    Thrilled that you stopped by my blog! Thanks for the lovely comment, glad I'm not the only one who regards herself as "mother" to her pets! Although here we have competition as my teenage daughter Bella regards herself as Mummy to Logan ( he is her puppy after all!)so we have mummy 1(who does the loving and playing) and mummy 2(who does the same plus everything else including the messy stuff!) Better than me being Grandma :(
    Will be coming back here for sure for veggie growing inspiration!!!

  13. It's looking amazing Sarah!! All those goodies to eat. The apples will be fantastic.

  14. Wow Sarah! I wish my vegie patch looked like that. Well done! Rachaelxx

  15. i'm with rachal, i wish i had that much goodness out in my back yard. looks sensational! jxx


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