Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Bits and pieces from my studio room.

Some pretty dried rose buds in an equally pretty Limoges teacup.

Yet another Mozi tea towel that is too pretty to use.

My market goodies waiting underneath yet another painted stick.

Yes, rather bright :)

And washi tape offcuts from the making of garlands. Do any of you find it difficult throwing pretty scraps like this in the bin? I do.
On a different note, are any of you watching Junior Masterchef, or Mini Masterchef as I like to call it? Those children are all so talented. So many of their dishes I'd love to try.
Well, cheerio for now :)


  1. What a gorgeous teatowel, I don't think i'd be able to use it either :) Those red branches are going to look really effective. I've seen the odd episode of Junior Masterchef, puts my cooking to shame what some of them can do :)

  2. Gorgeous treasures, Sarah...I LOVE your painted branch and the photo of it is spectacular. We have been watching Junior Masterchef and I feel totally inadequate!!! These children are amazing!! Wishing you a wonderful week ahead ~ xx

  3. Oh, I can't wait until the market...J x

  4. Love it all, especially that painted branch :) And as for mini masterchef (good name), I have to watch even though it makes me want to bury my head in a cook book!

  5. Nice things !!...love from me...xxx..

  6. wow.. everything looks so pretty!! You make me want to go create something!

    We like Marcus Ambrose too.. it's fun to hear him talk. : ) Aussie accents are HOT! : )

  7. Very pretty things! I miss the fact that the markets are no longer once a month, I loved going to have a look at all the things there!

  8. Gorgeous images. I love the colours in the first two..just beautiful. I have so much trouble getting rid of fabric scaps as they are to pretty to bin...hmmmm. Good luck for the market, you must have been extremely busy. Enjoy the rest of your week. X

  9. Wow, how artistic these images look. I love viewing ordinary objects from different angles xx


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