Monday, October 17, 2011

Mystery house

Is there a house in your street that intrigues you?
This house is it for me.

Down the street from us and on a large, flat corner block with a lawn that never seems to grow.

I've seen a man there once or twice and the only thing that stopped me from interrogating him was that he was on the phone.

It was built in 1920 and I bet it's all original inside. Of course terribly dated and everything would need sprucing up, but what a gem.
See how low that fence is? It even has a tiny, squat gate. I love it!

And just around the corner live these guys. They're great, but if you get stuck behind one on the road, you might as well forget getting to your destination on time. So slow! I could run quicker and that's saying something :)
While it's not the fanciest place to live, there are lots of interesting things to see, gardens to peek into. I say I have "community interest" but Lyn thinks I'm just a sticky beak.
Well, happy Monday to you all. I hope it's a good week. I have very cleverly managed to only have one working day this week :)
It's the last week of my 30's. Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. We'll soon see :)
Take care


  1. Yep, I'm expert at 'community interest' too! That's a beautiful old home. I'd want to knock on the door and see inside too. xx

  2. I am with you guys. We live in a small town so community interest is very high indeed!

  3. Hehehehe... I love that 'community interest / sticky beak' hehehehe I think I have community interest too :) Love that house, they have such interesting character don't they the 20's and 30's houses. Oooo last week in your 30s! Are you going to have a party???

  4. A large tree beside a house adds a look of mystery for me.

  5. oh a very happy birthday to you for this week, it's a big one that's for sure.

  6. It's a gorgeous house, I'd be intrigued by it too. There are houses around here I often think I'd love to see inside. Enjoy your birthday week, especially with your days off :)

  7. I remember there was a house near the home I grew up in that had a tropical garden, a very high stone fence and a pretty gate in the middle. When I was little I used to walk past and imagine that it was a secret garden. So beautiful!

  8. I think it looks a bit spooky! Definitely "community interest"! Enjoy the last week of your thirties, Hope youve got a big birthday bash planned!; )

  9. Cute house and or course, I LOVE those buses!! ;0

  10. We're in a new development so no interesting homes yet, but there are some residents that I wonder about sometimes. ;)

    Love those double decker buses. What a great photo op!!

  11. I'd want to knock and head inside too! On the weekend, a lady sat in her car outside our house crying and I asked her what was wrong - she said she had wonderful memories of visiting her aunt who used to live in our house about 60 years ago. I invited her in but she didn't want to come in but I'd have loved to have heard her story!

  12. I bet the kids in the street have a spooky story about that house they tell their friends! X


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