Saturday, October 15, 2011

Late for Friday Flowers - Lily of the Valley

Look what I discovered in the back yard the other day..

some pretty pink stems of Lily of the Valley.

I had forgotten I had it in the garden, so it was a lovely surprise.

So delicate.

Lyndon asked why I'd bother growing it as it is small and doesn't look like much. Men!
I feel these small, unassuming plants add a little mystery to the garden. I loved stumbling upon it.
Plus, that fragrance!
Have a sweet weekend my friends.
I do have to work, but have 5 or 6 days off coming up on Thursday so I can't wait!


  1. Gorgeous. I love lily-of-the-valley.

  2. Oh it's so pretty Sarah! Really delicate. How lovely to have some in your garden. Hope your weekend at work flies by :) We have a weekend planned in the backyard, well for me just sitting with my feet up, Paul is working on laying the lawn in Grace's Garden x

  3. They're perfection, aren't they?

    And do they have a nice scent? I should try and hunt some down.

    I think there's mowing on the agenda in the garden this weekend.

  4. Oh my gosh I love them.

    We have just been hit by a large hail storm here and I wonder what will be left in the garden. Yikes! x

  5. Oh Sarah, what childhood memories they evoke! I must hunt some out at the nursery. J x

  6. Hi! Just stumbled across your blog here i cyber world. :)
    Love those flowers. They remind me so much of my home country, Sweden where they grow wild, yes they do! But they are protected so you are not allowed to pick them. But you can always admire them in the forest where they grow.:-)

  7. what a beautiful surprise. i planted one recently at Mum's request, an old world flower.

  8. Beautiful !!! enjoy a happy from for

  9. So pretty! I can't believe how delicate they look! How wonderful to get such a sweet surprise! X

  10. I've never seen pink lily of the valley, it's beautiful. I bet you can't wait for your break!


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