Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday flower + birthday wishes

Hello friends, thank you so very much for your lovely comments over the past few days.
Auntie Ila is hanging on but for how much longer we just don't know.
Mum and Rachael have popped up there again tonight as Rachael had a work meeting down the coast.

A sad trip for Mum, especially seeing as today is her birthday.
So, these Friday flowers are for her.

Mum gave me these poppies from her garden last night and I thought we could all do with something cheery to look at today.

Happy Birthday Mum and I wish the rest of you a nice Friday and peaceful weekend :)


  1. Poppies are so beautiful, and so fragile.
    (Happy birthday to your mum)
    Have a peaceful weekend

  2. A late Happy Birthday to you Sarah, and a Happy Birthday to your mum too.
    I'm sorry to hear about your aunt, it's so difficult to see relatives grow old, but I'm glad you got a recent visit.
    Take care,

  3. I've been wondering all week about how you and your family are. The poppies are lovely. Thanks for the dress shop suggestion, my silly disappointment seems so petty now. Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

  4. Poppies and tulips are my absolute favorite cut flowers and I love your cool pics of the poppies.
    Nice mom you have to share some.

    Have a great weekend, Sarah!


  5. beautiful torn paper photos for Mum, it is a precious time for her.

  6. Happy birthday for you mom and blessings for the

  7. I love poppies too, cheery and elegant. I hope your Aunt Ila is feeling serene despite what is happening. Think of you and your family x

  8. Oh Sarah. You know what I think. Hang in there, my friend. J x

  9. Happy birthday to your mummy at this sad time in your family's days. Beautiful flowers & such kind thoughts, thinking of you too!! Thanks for your kind thoughts about my soldier today too, still haven't heard from him which means he's Ok. Love Posie

  10. WOW! Those colours POP they are stunning! X


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