Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Garden update - out the back

The backyard is looking lovely at the moment. I took these pics a couple of weeks ago but just haven't got around to posting them so unfortunately many of the spring bulbs are coming to an end and many roses are now in bloom.
The pic above is looking down the side fence towards the back boundary.

Ruby red ranunculas are always one of my faves.

This pic is looking back up the side bed. You can see the back verandah of Molly's Maison.

Pink ranuncs, poppies, a pesky white flowering oniony bulb that I suspect is a weed and the roses coming on with fresh new growth (and lots of buds!).

Another shot from the bottom, almost capturing the washing on the line :)

Aquilegia or Granny's Bonnets are all flowering as well.
You can tell I love my cottage flowers.

Gorgeous red anemones!

And lucky last is one of my all time fave roses, Scentimental.
I've got some lovely David Austin roses out at the moment so will have to take some photos to share very soon.
Thanks for dropping by for a visit!


  1. thanks for the visit back in time, your cottage garden is a delight.

  2. What a lovely garden you have Sarah.
    I can't wait to get ours going properly. still waiting for that fencing!

  3. I just love rose season. The air is so scented at the moment! Gorgeous blooms...

  4. Your garden is so lovely Sarah. I planted some bulbs this year but have discovered that we have no where near enough and I will have to add lots next year. That rose is gorgeous, I love it. xx

  5. Sarah, you have such a pretty garden! You must put so much love into it. ;-)

  6. It's just lovely Sarah. I'm so jealous of your green thumb! xx

  7. Your garden is so pretty I love it! You've got one of my fave mixes too, poppies, ranunculas, roses, that real cottagey colour. I sowed flower seeds far too late this year!

  8. So pretty. I love the granny's bonnets and that last rose is spectacular.

  9. looks great darling.....seize the from

  10. Gosh your garden beds are lovely ... the ol' oniony bulb posing as a flower. Copy cat.

    My MIL has some ranunculas which I was asking her about yesterday. They're a very attractive beast.

    I also admire your grass. I like lawn.

  11. Oh Sarah, you're such a green thumb. Just gorgeous. I must pick your brain for more suggestions for Planet Baby! J x

  12. Absolutely serious garden envy here Miss Sarah xo

  13. It's looking gorgeous Sarah. Ours is dry already, and summer hasn't arrived yet. Hope we get some rain to green things up a bit. And I'm very jealous of your grass btw :) K xx


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