Tuesday, November 29, 2011


...has been a really warm day, so Molly and I sat out on the back verandah and admired the garden. We also shared an icecream :)

By 'sharing' I should say I ate most of it and left the stick for Molly to lick. It's our bad family habit, but one Molly has trained us well at.

Waiting patiently...

"Thanks mumma!"

If you went into my studio room today you would see a work desk that looks like this...

Utter chaos. Too many ideas and projects on the go at once.
If you turn around you could admire my recent purchase...

It's a little linocut triptych called Windy City (pink) by my artist friend Christine Scott. When I can I will get it properly framed. So nice and bright. I love the idea of enhancing old homes with bright, contemporary art, so this one will be great for doing just that.

I think we are now going to be naughty and have fish and chips for dinner. Being a vego I enjoy the chips, a cornjack and potato cakes (and leave the fish eating to Lyn and Molly). Yuuummm.
Have a lovely evening friends


  1. Lucky Molly. Storms here tonight, just hoping the roast cooks before the power goes out! The linocut jumped out immediately, our old house is full of contradictions. Old/new. East/west. I love mixing it all up.

  2. I can't imagine it being hot in Tassie but any excuse for an ice-block! Molly didn't argue with you either.
    Nice lino cuts too. xx

  3. Brings back memories of sharing an icecream with my dog when I was little.

  4. What a lucky pooch! Always loving your blooms... gxo

  5. Was hot here too today! Molly definitely deserved some icy pole!

    Abbey x

  6. Oh how lovely on a hot day!! Lickalicious, love Posie

  7. It has been hot here too... I would have shared my ice-cream with the lovely Molly too! She waited so patiently! X

  8. It's been strangly warm in Baltimore ~ Molly is so cute!
    Fish and chips sounds great!

  9. Owww sweet Molly eating a icecream.....so sweet !!........♥.. ♥... ♥....

  10. It was ridiculously hot yesterday, and I was stuck at work! Our dogs don't deal with the heat all that well, but I admit, ours get similar treatment with ice-creams.
    We even bought Nigella a dixie cup of ice-cream of her own once!

  11. Lovely Molly. Lino cuts are gorgeous with fab colours. xx

  12. molly is so cute.......and your desk looks a little bit like mine, yummmm potatoe cakes smooch sorry have missed a few of your posts of late.....it is the silly season hehehe xx

  13. How cute is Miss Molly, licking that icy pole stick!!! Love your triptych and hope you enjoyed your chips (mmmm may have to put that on our menu for tomorrow night!!) :D ~ xx


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