Monday, November 14, 2011

My market fun

As promised, some pics from the market yesterday.

Here is my little stall.

These goodies were made by Tonia at The Paper Shed. She was my market neighbour.

Other goodies on display...

I had a very fragrant stall on my other side which was handy as we needed some new soap.

My only temptation was some macarons from one of the stall holders. This one is boysenberry flavour. The salted caramel one didn't last long enough to get a pic - it was amazing!

There were so many shoppers and thankfully some of them visited me :)
I did quite okay, I covered my costs and have a bit of spending money. Much of this is thanks to my friends who came along and supported me, as did a number of my bloggy friends. I had nice chats with Jane, Catherine and Hazel (who I met for the first time in person).
It was a fun day and I already have fresh ideas for my next market maybe early next year.
ps I might get a few bits on Esty later, but don't hold your breath!


  1. Excellent job Sarah. Looks like you had a terrific day and spent your profits!! xx

  2. Woo hoo! It was such a fabulous debut, Sarah. Well done, my friend. Will post about it later on today ☺. J x

  3. Well done Sarah...looks like a wonderful time was had by all!!

  4. It was great to finally meet in person- I loved the look of your stall and love the little book and card I picked up- I am so behind on Christmas shopping, ticking something off felt good!

  5. congratulations........your stall looked fab, and if i was in tassie i would of been visiting you, i love supporting handmade.....smooch to you hope to see you do another market lisa xx

  6. yes congratulations, your stall must have looked very pretty. wish i could have been there.

  7. I'm so glad to read that you had fun and made some money!

    Brilliant! Your stall looks so gelati-ish! Love it.

  8. Well done Sarah, I bet you were exhausted at the end. Your stall looks great.

  9. How fantastic! Congrats!!!! It looks so amazing! X

  10. Well done Sarah, see nothing to worry about. Now you have that first one out of the way, you will be on a roll. Looks like a great market too.
    Ness xx
    Marley & Lockyer

  11. Lovely post, great blog!
    I'll be here all the times.
    Hug from Portugal

    I'm already following you.
    Come to follow me too.

  12. Hi Sarah, I saw Janes post and she was so excited for you. I'm so pleased it went well - although why would you have any doubts!!! I just love those doily tags! They are so pretty. xx

  13. Well done! Everything looks fantastic. It must have been such fun to be surrounded by so many like souls I know I used to like Antique fairs for the same reason, it was fun just hanging out with everyone, xx Katherine

  14. Hi Sarah, I've just been marveling at your gorgeous wares at Jane's and wanted to stop in and say "Congratulations and I'm now off to explore your store for some Christmas gifting.".

    Happy day!

  15. It looks so lovely Sarah! I have market envy just looking at your pictures!
    Thank you for your kind words too. You always leave the loveliest comments about my work and I just wanted to say that I think you are an absolute gem. Without a doubt, one of the sweetest bloggers I know.
    Enjoy your day honey, and get some of those goodies on etsy so I can buy some! LOL x

  16. Hi Sarah...would have loved to have made it there for your debut...looked like a great day..nice colours on your table. Hope to see you at the Valley or Nook Market. Thank you too for your comments you left on my blog:)

  17. The stall looks lovely. Definitely need some of those doilly cards. Love the colours too! Hope it was a successful day, both for the soul and the pocket ! Natasha - SQ

  18. Your stall looks lovely Sarah, you presented all your gorgeous items so beautifully. Wish I could have visited those markets! So glad you hada successful day x

  19. Hi Sarah,
    Where are these markets held and how can we find out about them? Can't visit if we don't know where they are!
    Your items look gorgeous.


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