Monday, November 21, 2011

My weekend: Sibella Court + getting jiggy with it...

Despite having to work on Saturday, I had a lovely weekend.
On Sunday Lyn and I went to the Valley Market in Lenah Valley where I picked up a lovely Christmas deccy to add to my collection. I'll show you when it's on the tree.

I also went to a book launch/ author chat at Fullers Bookshop yesterday afternoon where the guest speaker was stylist to the gods, Sibella Court. She chatted about styling, travel, collecting (not hoarding!) and colour. It was a great afternoon. She answered all of our questions and was super nice.
I had a lovely chat to her and she told me her next book, to be released next year, is about collecting. Sign me up!
And looksee, I had her Stylist's Guide to New York book signed for moi :)

One very interesting thing Sibella said about colour was when choosing a colour palette, if you get a bit stuck or confused, look at a bird and all the shades of colour in its feathers. She says that's her fall back. There you go peeps, a hot tip!

I also popped into the farmers market where I bought a bunch of peonies. They're still pretty tight buds but no doubt I'll photograph them a bit more once they open. The man who sold them to me said he'd just filled an order of 500 bunches for the Presidents Gold Cup on the mainland and also a big order for one of President Obama's dinner functions. Fancy.

We started a jigsaw...

We are now very obsessed.
All other Molly's Maison activities (including the things we need to do) have ceased while we work on this beauty.

My poor old neck is really feeling it!

I reckon at this pace we'll be finished tonight or tomorrow morning. So much for a bit of relaxing puzzle making.
Thanks for all of your lovely comments about the garden in my last post. I can assure you all our garden is far from perfect - I just show you the good bits :)
It's nice to get positive feedback though.
Have a great week friends and take care
Edit: jigsaw successfully completed this afternoon :) x


  1. Sounds like an interesting book launch and Sibella's new book sounds interesting. What fun doing a puzzle together, I haven't done one in so long. Gorgeous flowers. Enjoy your evening... I'm off to catch up on your posts x

  2. What a lovely way to spend the weekend! Loving that puzzle...The colours are so pretty :) Make sure to take a picture when it's finished. Have a great week sweets xxx

  3. How exciting to meet Sibella! Sounds like a lovely weekend Sarah. Your peonies will be divine once they open :)

    Abbey x

  4. I love a good puzzle and remember how addictive they can become!
    Sounds like you had a super weekend.

  5. Lucky you to get to meet Sibellaand and ask some questions! That book will be something to treasure! X

  6. Wow you packed a lot into your weekend! I haven't done a puzzle in years, but I suspect I'd be the same and not be able to do anything else either! I'm terrible if I get going on a good book, and if I find a new blog I really like I have to backwards and read the whole thing! I remember sitting on the swing chair last summer reading your whole blog in a day! Couldn't believe I hadn't stumbled across it before!

  7. peonies for Royals almost, they must be grande ones. have a good week

  8. wow, sounds so cool. and i'm loving that peony time is here again!! jxx

  9. I love jigsaws! And I'm very envious about you meeting Sibella Court :)

  10. How brilliant to hear Sibella's tales and tips. How fab would her job be - traveling, styling, a bit of buying etc for Anthropologie... Oh to have just a little of her talent. X

  11. Finally a chance to comment, Sarah. I'm so delighted you enjoyed your time with Sibella and sad I missed it. But thanks for getting her to sign my book, you darling! J x


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