Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A job done

Finally! I have curtains in my studio.
I made some simple sheer curtains that means I get some light and don't have to stare out the window at the car and boat in the driveway. Not the most inspiring view for an art studio :)

When we renovated this room, I chose silver fittings to go with my pale blue and white walls. Little did I know how difficult it is to get silver window fittings, expecially in a heritage style. I had the choice of one! It's a button style and thankfully I like it. Even finding silver finish curtain rod was difficult. "Silver" means a lot of different things it seems and in fact, most of them were an antiqued, brushed finish - not what I was after. Lyndon suggested I check out a metal pipe supplier and I ended up finding a length of marine grade mirror polished satinless steel at about $7 per metre. Great!

Dodgy pic above, but you can see the fittings (and how simple my curtain construction is!).

It's such a relief to get these finished and now I can move onto my next job. I have a length of pale blue linen which I am thinking of making into a chair cover. Do we want to take bets on how long that will take me?

I'm loving neon pink and bright blue at the mo :)
Thank you for your comments about cameras on my last post. I really appreciate it. If any more of you would like to share what sort of camera and or lens you use, I'd love to hear it.
Sar xx
ps I'm joing in on Jane from Life on Planet Baby's


  1. I have a canon EOS. Bought on ebay second hand, lens bought on ebay second hand. I love the quality of the shots (and yes, the lens is very important). This was a good budget option for me. But, it is heavy and I often don't have it with me...

  2. The room looks beautiful. I love the pink and blue touches and the curtain really finishes it off. Well done!
    You have inspired me to put up the curtain I have planned for my spare room x

  3. Love your curtains Sarah, especially the way they pool so prettily on the floor and your inventive curtain rod looks great. I love your studio space - it looks exactly as I'd imagine one should - a sewing machine, ironing board, pretty inspiration board, space and lots of creativity!! x

  4. Just gorgeous amazing is your studio. Love the curtains and I must admit, I now have chandelier envy...really pretty. XX

  5. What a great room!!! did a great job !!! love love

  6. The room looks great Sarah and I bet you love spending time in there. What is that gorgeous dress hanging on the coat rack?
    Camera dilemmas. I'm not sure that I'm much help either because although I recently had to buy a new one myself, I'm not the photography pro like you, and so was happy to buy a point and shoot that has lots of manual options. I'm the sort that always has my camera in my bag and needed something that would take a great photo but wasn't too complicated. As it is I think I need a few lessons! But for the record it is a Fuji Finepix F750EXR. It's my third Fuji camera and I can't fault them. But no view finder on this model! I had to go and look because I honestly couldn't remember - see definitely not much of a pro!

  7. Hi Sarah,

    I love fellow Tasmanian bloggers! Just to see what others are up to and inspired by....

    I love your studio, an your curtains, lovely and simple.

    Til next time, Tammy

  8. Love the curtains. It really does feel great to get things finished doesn't it? What kind of fabric did you use?

  9. A fab job, Sarah. I must see them up close. J x

  10. what a lovely room you're making

  11. The room looks great, love the bookcases, pin board (gorgeous colour) and of course the curtains. All works really well together. Gx

  12. Looks fab Sarah! What a fun place to work away :)

    Abbey x

  13. The curtains and the room look amazing! Creativity is going to be bouncing off of the walls!!!

    After damaging my first Rebel, i just replaced it with the Canon T3.. it's nice and light ~ I love it.

    Have a great day.

  14. A fabulous space Sarah and one which every girl should have! I can just picture you tucked away in here all warm and cosy churning out creations.

  15. Your room looks lovely as do those curtains! I am currently on the look out for curtains for our nursery and my bedroom and not having much luck! I wish I was handy like you and could make my own!

    That space looks so inspiring! You've done a wonderful job making it so beautiful!


  16. What a fabulous creative space! That large bulletin board is just awesome. I'm inspired...

  17. I love the colours in your room. Very restful and yet a hint of vavavoom!

  18. Thanks so much for joining up with the POTMC, Sar. I love having another peek at your pretty space! J x


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