Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New wall art + a familiar story

Some of you may remember the lovely hand-stencilled wall button (on the left) I had hanging in my studio
  (boy, it was tidier back then). It's by local Tassie textile artist, Penny Malone. Well, the other day I finally added another to my collection. There is it below :)

The design is based on a building at 80 Collins Street, Melbourne. It's funny as I'm not a huge fan of the colour orange, but I just love it in combination with pink and red.

I decided to hang them in the lounge room as we have a couple of big bare walls.
Bit of a quirky combo but I like it.

I'm not sure if I'll leave them there, or even together, as I like the idea of the geometric one by itself or even hung with a pink/red graphic print or two. I suppose that's the beauty of picture rails, you can move art around and not have to patch walls :)

And my familiar story?
 Well, you know the old story about the plumber's house without decent plumbing, or the builder's house that is never fully built? Same goes for electrician's homes. We have been here for almost 3 and a half years and I had a power point in the kitchen that had only one switch that worked. I have been juggling appliances, constantly unplugging and plugging in again. The other night I was cooking on "George" the grill and wanted the rice cooker going at the same time. Lyndon decided on that moment to fix the power point.
Would you believe after 3.5 years it only took him 5 minutes to fix that darn thing?!!
I was so excited. Now if I could only get him to replace the power points in the lounge room...



  1. Wall buttons......what an interesting idea, they look great together.
    Hope you are not waiting another 3 and a half years for the power points! x

  2. What a great !! the art !!

  3. Wow, this is the first i've seen wall buttons. I think they look awesome, love the colours!

  4. I think the wall buttons look great together, in fact, I'd say "get another one!"

  5. I've never seen wall buttons before, they look wonderful. What a clever idea. It does amaze me that you waited that long when you have an electrician in the house! It is a common story though.. Big kiss for Molly X

  6. Oh I love them sooo much I think they look fab together. I see a collection forming, of all different ones. My eldest Son is doing an electrical apprenticeship and I have been so excited dreaming of all my new free power points ha...reading this however I think I will be waiting a long time for any rewiring or new points. xxxx

  7. Ha, i think another 5 years might see it done! Love the buttons but i think they need to be together, one would look lost.

  8. Love that wall art! So nice when a job gets done, even better when it has taken a while! X

  9. LOVE your latest purchase. I like it paired with your other cute one but can see your vision for surrounding it with other artwork too. Your powerpoint tale made me smile :)


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