Monday, July 23, 2012

Camera dilemas - how do I choose?

Here I am holding onto my lovely new Olympus OMD (oh my darling) Em-5 camera.
In my dreams :)
Call me crazy but I think this is one very beautiful camera. Look at that great retro styling!

Oh yes, come to mamma!!

Sadly, I think I am dreaming. I have been hoping to buy a new camera for a long while. Since I last bought a camera in 1997 (it used film!!) I have been making use of Lyn's digital camera, the dslr from work and my iTouch. I really would like my own digital camera.

But how to decide which one?
I have ALWAYS loved taking photos. As a little girl I would sneak Mum's camera out of the car glove box and snap people walking down the street. I ended up studying photography as my Major at Uni. It was still all film back then and I loved it.
Hence, the reason why I love the retro styling on the Olympus pictured at the top. It reminds me of Mum's old Pentax K100 - the first slr I learned to use.
There is such a proliferation of different brands and types of cameras on the market. Big dslrs, smaller compact systems and point and shoot styles. I just want something that can take a great shot. I'm not interested in sitting in the 'digital darkroom' for hours sprucing up shots. I'm old school like that.

So, what to do? Well, I wish the young boy at the store hadn't showed me the Olympus "oh my darling". Starting at $1200 it's beyond my budget. Maybe I wait for a few months and hope it drops in price?
Or do I go for a dslr, but something not too heavy, as I know I'll just end up not using it?
What do you guys use?
Advice and opinions gratefully accepted!
But whatever it is, it positively must have a viewfinder. Old fashioned me likes a viewfinder :)
Wishing you all a lovely week.
Hugs xx

first two images via the Olympus website


  1. I learnt to take photos on my Dad's old pentax, I loved the lever to indicate if I had the exposure right (I'm terrible now, I really have never understood all the numbers etc!).
    I must admit I use my iphone more often than not, but when I want to use a real camera I borrow Rob's work camera, his Nikon D7 something. It's lovely, but it's really about the lenses, more than the camera. The only thing is that it's so heavy!
    Sorry I've probably not been much help really, as the Nikon seems pretty expensive too!
    The Olympus is pretty cute.

  2. Ours is a Canon EOS 1000D and we've been happy with it. I do tend to leave it behind at times though because of its size. Enjoy your week Sarah x

    P.S Thanks for your kind words on my last post xx

  3. I have a Nikon D80. I used to think it was soooo heavy and didn't think I would get used to it, but I have and never notice the weight now, I think I have just learnt to hold it in a way that balances the weight or something.
    I notice the new dslrs have really nice big screens on them which would be better for me because I really can't tell what my photos are like until I can download them and see them larger.
    I don't really know much else, but I'm sure all those you are looking at are pretty amazing! x

  4. I understand your dilemma Sarah. I am toying with the idea of a fancy dslr and really like the look of the Canon EOS. My hesitation is whether I will use it enough. In the right light my iPhone does the trick quite well and I also have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ which is great as a slightly more sophisticated version of a point and shoot but still has some limitations in poor light. I think I will be making do for a little while longer as there are other things on my list...

  5. I wish I could help. I'm like Beth - I have a slightly better point and shoot which I can use manually and my iphone. Can you shop around online for the camera you want to get it at a better price? xx

    1. Yes Anita, there are a number of good online sites but the OMD I'd a new release so I'll have to wait for a while for the price to drop. If I could just decide on which camera, that'd be a great start!!

  6. Hi Sarah, Sorry I will disappoint you as well. But I was thinking Pam of Petals and Vintage might be a good blogger to ask. I think she is back soon from her big adventures with the hubby up north. She recently (maybe 6 months) got a new camera and I know she is happy with it and it certainly wouldn't have been that pricey, and does take lovely photos I think. Like us she is a nature enthusiast and her shots of roses and the like are stunning.xxxKatherine

  7. Looks like an amazing camera ~ although I have a cannon.. I don't know much about it. lol. Good luck

  8. The OMD is a great camera from what I can see from reviews. It comes with great lens too, apparently.

    So portable! It depends on what you really want to do (which I think is probably the hardest part in the whole purchase decision process!) If you've been happy with the iPhone, then I think this would be a great portable upgrade :) I remember reading somewhere that the best camera is the one you have on you!

  9. Hi Sarah
    I've got a Nikon D80 (with a fixed focus 50mm lens and a mammoth macro lens...both of which I love)
    I love taking macro shots with the good camera and if I'm specifically out to take photos I don't mind the weight/changing lenses etc
    But...mostly I use the iphone now...which is terrible cos the quality is not so good and I feel lazy.
    Does that help?
    I love the look of the Olympus!!

  10. I have a Nikon D300 and I love it. It's not heavy, easy to use and once you become friends with it it makes also pictures that look like shot on film, wich I adore. The price is acceptable. I have a Zeiss Icarex from 1964...makes wonderful pictures. But A dslr is practical and you can have fun with photoshop.

  11. Oh Sarah, I can't wait to see what you come up with. One day I'll be posing the same question! J x

  12. Had a similar dilema ummming and arrrhing too. Got a brilliant Canon for my 21st (a long time ago)and it stood the test of time and travel. Spent about 6months looking at reviews for every DSLR and compact digital camera and finally settled on a Canon EOS 550D. It is fantastic. Thought I would have trouble with the weight shift in the body, but the balance is great. It's easy to use and the menu layout is simple. I actually find myself experimenting more with exposure, saturation and so on 'cause I am not wasting film. Yes, it is a 'big' camera, but it doesn't feel bulky. I did get a smaller pocket job for quick snaps, but since upgrading my phone, the camera on it is perfect for quick capture shots. None of these have that lovely retro feel, but I am geting back the joys of taking photographs again.... hope this helps. Tash xo


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