Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday flower... pretty pink

Yay, it's almost the weekend again! I'm excited as this is my second weekend off work in a row, but it's the calm before the storm as I have a huge week at work next week.
The weather forecast looks ok so I might try to get out in the garden and get rid of a heap of green waste. The roses and fruit trees are all pruned - I snipped the above Brilliant Pink Iceberg off by accident, so now it's on the mantelpiece.
What have you all got planned?
I'd really like to post a Bits & bobs on Monday and I'd love you to join in if you wish.
As there might only be a small handful of us, I might not do the Linky thing this time, but if you leave me a comment or email I will edit your link into the body of my post, so we can check out each other's posts. Would that be ok? It just seems like overkill to do a Linky at this point. It's just a casual thing anyway :)

Happy Friday to you all and I wish you a wonderful weekend.


  1. This is such a lovely shot of your pink iceberg Sarah.
    The weekend is looking a bit dull so I might have a go at a 'bits and bobs'!
    Happy weekend! x

  2. I love bits and bobs, I'm really slack at joining in these things but love to see what every one else does. Enjoy your last few days before you go back. You have had a really constructive time though it seems but your work colleagues may wonder what you have been up to when they see your eye, how is it healing? xx

  3. Such a pretty rose and I love your pretty little bottle it's displayed in. How nice to have a weekend off. We've been spending every minute we can outdoors this week in the sunshine, knowing it won't last for long and we'll be back to wet weather again probably over the weekend. I have a quiet day at home tomorrow but am going to tea with one of my best friends tomorrow night which I'm looking forward to. Sunday we're planning a little family outing. I'll have a think about my 'Bits and Bobs' over the weekend xx

  4. Ok, I've been a slack little blogger. What's a bits and bobs? xx

    1. I'll send you an email :)
      But, if you click on Bits and bobs in my categories list thingamy on the sidebar and the posts will give you an idea x

  5. always love your Friday flowers........I have a girlfriend coming this weekend waiting for her to arrive now actually have a good weekend too lisa xx

  6. So pretty. It's crazy but I'm nearly looking forward to next years pruning of my roses as much as the flowers!
    Sorry I've been flat out, I'll try and put a bits and bobs together. I think it's a lovely idea, I always love that style of photo (did you see the latest Frankie?)

  7. Very pretty Sarah,
    I love iceberg roses.

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog! - You've got such a nice blog!

  9. Oh, I really can't get it, if that is your winter, how is your summer? I've never been so far away from home, so it's just hard to understand. Right now we have a nice day and it's about 20 deegres outside (celcius), maybe it's even warmer at your place?

  10. Oh so soft & lovely, pretty to the end, i love pink flowers of any type, love Posie

  11. Hope you've had a lovely weekend in the garden. Luckily we rarely get extremely heavy rain that would spoil our crops and they are sown deep enough not to wash away. xx

  12. Gosh Sarah, I thought iceberg roses only came in white! You have so much to teach me ☺. J x

  13. That's an exquisite rose! Hope work is ok at the moment. Send me an email when you've got time, no rush. Have a lovely weekend.. Rachael xx

  14. Three pretty things, all put together. Just lovely!
    x Catherine @ The Spring


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