Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Studio chaos + UFOs

I just took these photos so they are a little dark and grainy.
Do you have an abundance of UFOs like I do? Everywhere you look - things that are waiting to be finished. Those UFOs (unfinished objects) are such a pain in my side.
Granted, I have been a tad busy at work recently and before that I was unwell, but I just want to get some of these things finished!

I have been procrastinating with these sheer curtains for a long while. I think it's because they are a tedious job. Metres of sewing with a pesky fabric that just wants to fray and slip on itself.
I WILL get them done this weekend, or at least by next Tuesday.

A pile of fabrics (and more pesky curtain) on my ironing board.

That Parisian Postcard purse that I am still working out!

And an abundance of pendants that I am working on for the gallery as well as a project for myself.
Adding to this I am waiting on samples from a printing company in India. At least I think I'm waiting on samples - the communication was a bit of a challenge :) Then today I read that the Indian postage system can be a disaster, so might have to do some more research on printers *sigh*
Gosh, it will be good to tick some of these things off my list.
Do you have the same problem as me??


  1. Oh yes, and I go through creative phases. One minute I am into it and the next I just want to lie on the couch and watch tv. Good luck with the slippery suckers.

  2. Yes I have those too, it overwhelms me sometimes when I think of all the half finished jobs. I am so good at procrastinating sometimes, then when I finally get in and finish something I wonder why on earth I put it off for so long. Good luck with it all Sarah. xx

  3. Oh I hate that sort of fabric!
    I always have a list of projects in various stages of completion, so I can very much identify! x

  4. You probably see the mess because, as you say, you just want to finish off some of these projects, but I just see a hive of creative activity, and that feels exciting! xx

  5. Oh yes, I have many!! I get all enthusiastic and start on all these projects, only to have them still sitting there months later - patterns cut out and pinned but not sewn, furniture half painted etc. I know what you mean about the curtain material too - I had the same issues with fraying etc with the ones I made for our ensuite. :)

  6. I always start off with great gusto but then the finishing off never gets done. I do the parts of the project I enjoy most and then leave the boring parts unfinished such as sewing in loose ends. I need a little finishing off elf to come at night and do these little jobs for me! x x

  7. Would you believe a large double garage full of UFO's!!!! xx

  8. Snap!! I have a pile under my house of bits of furniture that I want to do something with for me....oh and I just remembered a large 1960's trellis outside my front door waiting for a repaint, and it has three pots with no plants in under it because why would you plant something in the pots before you paint it I ask?? It must have been there for at least 3 years. I think taking pictures of unfinished work is a great idea it may speed up the completion. You are inspiring me to finish mine .Good luck xxx

  9. Love from me

  10. I'm the queen of Ufos. I actually have more ufos than finished projects. My problem is that I get easily bored and have to start new things all the time. Or, when they don't come out like I have planned, I get angry, hate them and wait until I am calm again. In the meantime, i pile up, I have piles and piles of ufos, my dear...


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