Monday, January 11, 2010

100th post! Garden grows

It's my 100th post!
I haven't updated the garden lately and it wasn't until I looked through the pics that I realised how much the garden has grown in just two months.

Above was taken at the beginning of November. Below was taken today. The daisy cuttings have gone mad and the blue and white lobelia is looking very sweet.
Below is the non-existent bed under the front window when we first moved in, just a pile of old lawn clippings.
Below is today's version with blooming dahlias, delphiniums, pansies, roses and lobelia. Gladies are soon to come out. They're looking a bit dry as it has been sooo hot today.
This is my rose bed out the back when I first moved in. Those weeds are very persistent - I am still picking them out!
This was taken yesterday evening at the end of a beautiful day. The larkspur are thriving .

The dahlias are gorgeous and seem to fit in well with the style of the house. They are an old fashioned favourite that I think might be making a come-back.

We had quite an industrious weekend so it's almost time for a studio reno update soon (don't expect too much!).

Cheerio, Sarah


  1. Such a transformation, your garden's looking beautiful. And thanks for the view of the Mountain, it's lovely to see it. I miss it heaps. K.

  2. Your garden has come a long way Sarah and looks really lovely. I like the lobelia border. Looking forward to studio pics :)

  3. Your garden looks fabulous. Everything looks so pretty and summery. I love your dahlias! I have absolutely no success with them as the seedlings are always eaten by snails. After seeing yours maybe I'll try again. Leigh


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