Saturday, January 23, 2010

Vintage finds

I love antiques and vintage bits and pieces (yes, I am a bit of a hoarder). Owning a house that is now 100 years old this year has given me a good excuse to search out all sorts of bits and pieces (at least that's what I tell myself).
I've found a few good things lately...
The old French street sign came from Etsy (great site), as did the old letterpress letters. The cake plate came from the local tip shop at a bargain $3.50. I later discovered that Lyndon's mum has the exact same one - it was her mothers.
The old marine flag was Lyn's dad's and we use it on Lyn's timber powerboat.

The old chemist's bottle below came from Willow Court antiques in New Norfolk at only $4. It has a nice opalescent shimmer in the right light. The Fenton-esque glass goblet was from Salamanca Market, $12 I think and the blue depression glass jug came from ebay.

At the tip shop last week I bought this old pressed glass plate (below) for $2 and the old cushion pattern for $2.20. I couldn't believe it is intact and unused. I plan on making one of the round cushions.
I love searching for bargains, how about you?


  1. Great bargains! You surely know what to look for....I especially love the letters.

  2. Hi Sarah, Wow - what great finds! I love the old French sign and the glass plate. Looking forward to seeing the cushions you make - looks like a really unique pattern. Enjoy your weekend x

  3. What a fabulous collection of gorgeous things! Leigh

  4. The blue jug is lovely, and is that a tiny glass frock i can see next to the blue jug? Kaite

  5. Thanks everyone - I think I might be off to the Sorell Market to see if I can add to my bits and pieces.
    Kaite, yes there is a little blue dress. It is cast crystal by a New Zealand artist who's name eludes me at the moment. It's called a Lolly Dress. Very sweet :)

  6. So many great finds! I think it's hard to come across good pieces in Hobart these days, I'm not sure what I'm ever looking for but it doesn't seem to be out there, but you have done well! I went to the evandale market on sunday hoping to find some gems but it was a bit more trash than treasure, I did find some cute fluted little pie tins though. Did you find anything at sorell?

  7. What sweet assemblages of vintage finds! I, too, love hunting for vintage treasures, the cheaper the better. Often, I even like it better if it's chipped or somehow shows its age. To me, it shows someone loved it dearly enough to keep it long.


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