Thursday, January 14, 2010

Studio update 2

The studio is coming along slowly. On the weekend we ripped up the carpet and worked on the shelving, attatching the shelves to each other and the wall for safety. The edging I bought was not right so this weekend we'll go and pick out some more.

We initially thought the floor had fallen away over near the window but it turns out that the floor there was the original verandah - the room has been extended. The floor in this area is rustic to say the least so we will have to get the floor guy back to smooth it over a bit for us. There are one or two patches that may have to be replaced.

Then we need to get in the plasterers to even up the ceiling which is currently very uneven and crooked. Then we will need new cornice, replace the skirting, install new lighting and power points, sand windows and paint throughout.
I am still thinking of the pale blue and think I might try this blue at 75% to see what it is like.

We're aming to have this done by the end of February but it may end up being March. We'll get there in the end!


  1. Ooh it's coming along Sarah!! The shelving is perfect along that wall and I love that huge window at the end of the room. I'm enjoying seeing your studio come together and look forward to more progress posts :)

  2. I love the progress pics! Such an inspiration - looking forward to seeing the results :)


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