Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bloggy awards!

Hello friendly readers, I received 4 bloggy awards over the last couple of days!! The first came from my Danish bloggy friend Mals from the blog Malsen - a super friendly blogger with an amazing taste in handbags and a finger on the fashion pulse! My second came from a new bloggy friend Hilary from a girl and her dog who is also having fun renovating her house. The next was a lovely Sunshine Award from Louise from Illume Design and the last from Janette from My Sweet Prints!  Both of these a new lovely blogs I have discovered.
Yay, how special am I??!!

Well, I'm going to blend the awards and make it one quirky post. Hope that's ok!
Right, so 7 facts and 6 things I am a master in... ok, so we'll see what comes up......
  1. I have a strange ability to spin plates like they do in the circus. I had no idea I could do this until I tried at a circus workshop we were holding at work. At one point I had about 5 plates on the go. Not the most useful talent.
  2. I recently discovered I am able to cut hair in a not too unstylish manner. Lyn was my brave guinea pig but we have decided that it could be an ongoing thing.
  3. Despite being quite girly, I am rather handy on the power tools. I even have my own tool bag.
  4. I am a master at coordinating my socks and undies with my outfit so I feel "balanced".
  5. I am quite good at applying eye-liner. Any sort really and am also a dab hand at eyeshadow. Maybe I should have been a make-up artist, what fun that would be!
  6. I mimic. I do it without realising it. I mimic adverts, sounds, music - you name it, if I hear it I find myself copying it.
  7. I have a good 'nose'. Well, my nose is ok looking but it works really well. I can pick out fragrances and smells really well. Not quite as well as the cooky guy in the book "Perfume", but better than average.
Well, the rules are that I invite some other bloggers to take part.  I think I might ask a few bloggers who I have recently discovered and you might not discovered yet...
Deb from Chantilly Cottage
Jess from the beat my heart skips
Kerry from A Tranquil Townhouse
Sarah from Flourish Design + Style
Samantha fom The Nest
You guys don't have to play along - totally up to you!

PS - Thank you all so SO much for your wonderful comments about my jewellery! I have felt overwhelmed by the positive response! You've made me feel quite inspired :) xx


  1. Thank you so much Sarah...I'll definitely be playing but crumbs, I'll need a bit of time to think up something totally clever like yours!

  2. Congratulations on your awards Sarah, you have a great blog and I always enjoy reading what you are up to! xx

  3. Wow, 4 awards!! Congratulations - well deserved. I always love reading your posts :) What a unique skill to be able to spin plates!! I haven't seen a few of those blogs so am going to check out those links x

  4. Congratulations you popular thing!! xxx Well done xxx

  5. Hi Sarah:) I wanted to say Hi and thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. I had been trying to find you via a previous comment, but am so happy to have found you and your gorgeous blog now! Congratulations on all of your awards, I loved your post with all of those great things about you:) I love your pendants in your previous post too:) Wishing you a wonderful week ~ Tina x

  6. Hi Sarah!!! First of all, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I've read some of your posts and, gosh, girl you made me laugh!!!! =)Love your style! Congratulations on your award and have an amazing rest of the week!! Hugs!

  7. Thanks for playing along! I cut my own hair, but it's so long and I curl it every day, so it's not really hard to mess it up (that anyone can tell anyway).

  8. Hi Sarah,
    congratulations on all your awards - 4 - wow! Thanks for passing the sunshine award on to me - I'll try and think up some stuff over the next couple of days to join in!
    Thanks for telling me about Molly's breed too - I had heard of labradoodle but just thought they would look like a huge poodle - she is just gorgeous!

  9. Hello Sarah, Clearly we were meant to be blog friends when I saw your Marimekko hanging in a previous post. Thanks for stopping by - I love reading about other people's renovations. And well done for getting so many awards!!

  10. Hi Sarah - I just wanted to check if you got my message last night? Let me know!! xo

  11. Congratulations, four awards you are so popular haha! I love reading your blog so I think they are well deserved.
    And thank you for passing the love along. I feel all excited because I have never received a blog award before!


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