Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pretty paperweights

I mentioned in my List of 7 (or 8) that I collect paperweights. I have done so since I was a teenager I think when my next door neighbour gave me a lovely Italian Murano paperweight. Since then my knowledge of these beautiful things has increased and my collection has grown dramatically.
As mentioned I have examples from all over the world but my absolute favourites are from a French factory called Clichy which is no longer in existence.
I have 4 Clichy paperweights which I have sourced from England (via ebay), USA (also ebay), a local antique store (thanks Dad) and an auction in Launceston (stressful!!). They all date from around 1850.
The colours of the glass are sooo pretty, like candy canes. Clichy paperweights are known for the Clichy 'rose', a special cane depicting a pink or white rose. It does come in other colours but they are much rarer. If you look in the two larger weights you'll see a pink rose in the centre of one and a white rose at the outer edge of the other.
The two smaller weights here are often refered to as "End of Day" weights or "Scramble" weights as they are a mix of lots of little bits and pieces collected at the end of the day in the glass factory and are mushed together into a weight. I love the character of them.

I just think they're so pretty - they appeal to my love of flowers, glass and my sweet tooth!

Have a loveky weekend!


  1. These are gorgeous Sarah - such pretty colours and the little colourful bits remind me exactly of those lollies at a store here called 'Roc Candy'. That one above looks like it's been filled with tuille. How wonderful that you managed to source some paperweights from different places to add to your collection. They have a real Venetian look to them, like those little glass mosaic pendants you can get in Venice. Am so glad you shared these with us. Enjoy your weekend x

  2. Those are so incredibly pretty! I can't believe they date around 1850, what a treasure to own.

  3. What a teaser, so prettily edible but you'd break your teeth trying to do so. Gorgeous designs. kaite

  4. They are lovely - what a pretty find! x

  5. hi Sarah, thanks for the thought about A Common Thread. I looked it up and it sounds wonderful, i must try to find it. It was also known as Sequins in the USA.

  6. Sarah your paperweight collection is gorgeous! They are such a beautiful things - I'd love to see more of your collection. Leigh

  7. Thank you everyone :)
    I will show more as I get them out of storage.


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