Friday, March 26, 2010

Fuschias for Friday

The other day my sister and I took a few fuschia cuttings for the garden out in my back yard. They were growing over her side fences (or maybe we were leaning over her side fences at the time....??).
I never did get many bulbs planted last week but did get these cuttings in and potted up my herbs finally so they look nice and neat out the front. I might aim to do some bulbs next week!
Here's to a good weekend to you all :)


  1. These are so gorgeous Sarah. We are surrounded by brown crunchy autumn leaves, so it is lovely to see such beautiful colour:) Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ Tina x

  2. Beautiful fuschias, we can't grow them too well here so it's nice to see yours. My Nan used to love growing them in Hobart. Get your bulbs in by Anzac Day. K.

  3. Fuschias are always such stunning colours!! We have one with pink blooms out the back that is so hardy but have never had any luck with any others. How did you decide to plant your bulbs? I recently potted some herbs too but am finding some of our pots drying out easily because they're so small. Did you use big pots or small pots? I think I need to keep mine in larger ones. Enjoy your weekend too! x

  4. These are lovely. No flowers here in Canada yet. I'll just enjoy here!

  5. i am so happy to have found your blog... what is the flower on your profile? i just love it.. the color is amazing... have a nice weekend x

  6. Great colours! Enjoy your gardening weekend. x

  7. Hi Sarah. Just found your blog through A Tranquil Townhouse. I'm a new Aussie blogger so am still finding my way around though am chuffed everytime I chance upon another Aussie blog! Plus they always seem to lead me on to more again! Yours is lovely. Looking forward to following your renovations.

  8. Hi Sarah, thanks for peeking in to my blog, and, helping me find my way to yours.
    Question 1: did I see you on fb? If so, glad you found me.
    Question 2: do you have summer, or end of summer, right now?
    Love your blog. The pendants are very nice, both options are nice. I'd probably go for then chain though, more my style.
    I added my self.


  9. Simply gorgeous. I would love to see these on my dining table. And the colors!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm following you now. :)



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