Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday flowers - in the garden

Look what I discovered blooming in the garden - a beautiful blue anemone.
It's a bit early for Spring though. I always feel sorry for plants that grow or bloom outside of their season. Yes, I know, I'm a bit silly.

I haven't really posted much about the garden, in fact I haven't mention the vegie patches in a while either.
There's not a huge amount to report with the vegie patches, mostly getting ready for sowing in July and trying to get the compost to do its thing. But I do have broccoli, beetroot and brussel sprouts on the go.

The daisies always seem to be flowering and certainly liven up the garden beds a bit.

My row of twenty-something Iceberg roses out by the front fence are still going strong, though have lost a few leaves thanks to blackspot. I'm not a big fan of spraying for anything so I put up with the dropped leaves.

It's such a classic rose. They've been growing through the pickets in an attempt to get closer to the sun. I don't mind too much and like to think the passers by enjoy them too.

Almost getting to pruning time and multiple trips with all the greenwaste to the tip. But that's ok if it means a trip to the tip-shop :)

The foxgloves did so well last year, in fact there are still a few lonely blooms.

Anyone fancy a few foxglove seedlings? All that groundcover you see here - well they're foxglove seedlings, self seeded. I've been pulling them out and giving them away but I still have WAAAAYYYY to many.

This is the lawn near the flower beds and you guessed it, all those plants growing there where there should be grass are foxgloves!!!! Whoopsie, I have to try to get rid of them before Lyndon realises what my garden is doing to his lawn. Ahem, nothing to see here Lyndon, nothing to see here...
ps seriously, if anyone in Hobart wants some seedlings, please let me know!
pps what's with blogger comments? I have been trying to comment on your blogs but it just wont work!


  1. I'm always like 'WOW' 'WOW' when I see pics of your garden, those flowers are all so beautiful and I haven't even heard of the first one. I really want to put in iceberg roses out the front as I think they'd look cute with our white weatherboard. I know blogger is playing up for me too. Takes ages for the comment to post - gr.
    Have a great day Sarah,

  2. I too had comment problems. I wish I lived nearer, I would be knocking on your door with an empty wheelbarrow, I adore foxgloves. Thank you for posting your lovely flowers, they are cheery in this cold weather.

  3. I LOVE foxgloves, my mum planted loads of them a few years ago and when they're all in bloom they look like they're part of a secret garden!

    You have so many flowers springing up for this time of year, just gorgeous! :-) xx

  4. They're all such pretty flowers- that is odd that the anemone is so early- I think the leaves turning has been late this year though.
    The comment thing is really irritating.

  5. Oh that was a test- I logged in via my blog then I seemed to be able to comment! Your cupcake from Sweet Envy looked lovely the other day too, we went on Saturday and bought a selection of treats, all delicious, we're definitely heading back there tomorrow! Hope you have a lovely weekend, and I hope Lyndon doesn't spot those cheeky foxgloves- they do get out of control easily!

  6. Anemone at this time of year? how lovely for you. I don't think i 've got much to post about here, but i am thinking of contriving to find some, maybe a bit of guerilla knitting is in order.
    Your icebergs are lovely, but they're not trying to get closer to the sun, instead they're trying to get closer to the icebergs down there in the Great Southern Ocean! cheerio...k.

  7. I love seeing photos of your glorious garden Sarah. Everything always looks so pretty. I've only just started putting in a new batch of vegetables too - lettuce, dwarf beans, spinach and leeks so far. I have lettuces popping up everywhere which have self-seeded. Blogger has been giving me the whoops this week too :(

  8. They're beautiful Sarah... especially love the iceberg roses. Enjoy your weekend! gxo

  9. Your garden looks devine! I bought some bare rooted iceburgs today, I hope they grow up to be just like yours!!!! X

  10. Oh, Sarah, that anemone is divine - you know how much I love that blue! And yes, I'd love to take up your offer of some foxgloves, thanks - the Big Move is imminent! J x


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