Sunday, May 22, 2011


I discovered this dried, partially skeletonised hydrangea bloom in the garden recently.

Isn't it interesting?

The lacey shadow reminds me of butterfly wings.

I'm always intrigued by plants and flowers at all stages of their lives. I love buds for their potential to become something stunning. Of course then I adore the blooms for their perfection in design and colour and then there's also something about spent blooms that intrigues me. Hard to explain. Do you know what I mean? Or is it just me?
ps don't you love the clear shots? I used an actual camera! A nice (borrowed) Nikon DSLR instead of my dinky iTouch camera. One day I'll get one of my own :)


  1. oh my gosh.. it does look like butterfly wings. How awesome of you to point it out to us.
    Happy weekend.

  2. So beautiful Sarah! It is almost like delicate old Antique lace. I do get what you mean about spent blooms. It is like the beauty of an old wrinkled face, every stage of life has beauty doesn't it.

  3. they look amazing sarah, I don't think I've notice hydrangea's looking like that before. I like your itouch pics but it is nice to play with a real camera every now and then, there's something about the weight and the noise!

  4. How pretty Sarah! I love the way flowers dry and change, I can never bear to throw out my dead roses! I chop the buds and let them dry out and put them in jars.... I have so many it is silly. They will be perfect for something...
    As for your shots, gorgeous! I so want a proper camera, it is my goal for the year! X

  5. I must admit, i did so like the clear photos for a change. Your dried skeleton flowers are lovely, and i picked up some dried Chinese lantern flowers recently also.

  6. Those photos are a little sad (end of life for a hydrangea) and beautiful at the same time.

    The veins in leaves are amzaing!

    Don't you have a DSLR? Oh, you're photos don't give you away. Brilliant work, as always.


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