Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sweet Envy + catchups + my blogiversary

On Monday I met the lovely fellow blogger Jane from Life at Planet Baby for a catch-up at Sweet Envy in North Hobart. What a beautiful little shop with cupcakes, macaron and sweet treats galore!

I had a nice lemon meringue cupcake and chai latte and an even nicer chat with Jane. We chatted non stop.
I was one of the lucky winners of her recent giveaway and my pressie was a really sweet notebook, personalised inside by Jane with her lovely paper butterflies. Thanks so much Jane. Please check out her great blog :)

Tomorrow is my 2nd blogiversary.
I began this blog to document the renovation of Molly's Maison, not knowing what great friends I would make from all over the globe. What a wonderful community!
Thank you all so so much for visiting me in this little blog - it means the world to me. I hope you all stick around for more adventures (hopefully even involving some actual renovation!!!).


  1. Happy 2nd blogiversary for tomorrow. I have just remembered my first birthday was a couple of weeks ago but as I have a 'Wordless Wednesday' post today I felt I couldn't mention it. Gotta stick to the rules!! Hehehe!!

    Love your blog and will be back for more stunning posts from you, that's for sure...and your photos.

    Pam x

  2. Happy Blogiversary! I love your blog too, Sarah.

    And how brilliant meeting up with Jane. I wish I could have been there too! It's great how all these blogs criss-cross and people get to know each other and have links throughout blogland.

    And that's just 'our' sort-of Australian circle ... imagine all the Japanese and South African and Danish etc blogs that have their own circles.

    Waffling again. Happy B'versary!

  3. Congrats on your anniversary!
    I enjoy my visits to you so much and adore your gorgeous images! So cheers to many more anniversaries to come!
    I love to visit Jane too, how great was it that you got to catch up! It is so great to meet up with bloggy friends! X

  4. Congrats on your blogiversary! How lovely for you to catch up with Jane, those cupcakes look so gorgeous! xx

  5. Happy anniversary, Sarah B. I might just duck back and check out your first post!

    And... that is the cutest little cupcake I've ever seen! gxo

  6. Happy bloggy birthday Sarah. I will always be visiting, reno posts or not! It's a special thing to meet a blog friend in person isn't it :)

  7. Happy anniversary Sarah! Blogging is a great community and remarkable the people you meet. Renovation... oh yes I think that's what I'm supposed to be blogging about to. Ha!
    I can just imagine you and Jane getting along like a house on fire.

  8. Happy blogiversary Sarah, I must say I always enjoy your blog. Well done on the win and how nice to meet in person. It is such fun and so much to talk about! ;-)

  9. Happy blog-iversary Sarah! You know your blog is one of my faves and I appreciate the friendship we now have through our blogs too. How lovely to have been able to have an in-person catch up with Jane.

  10. Happy blogiversary and wishing you many more. I am glad you and Jane had a lovely catch up. I hope you gave her hugs from all of us.

  11. Happy 2nd Blogiversary Sarah!
    How great to meet with a fellow blogger!
    Gill x

  12. Happy Blogiversary!!!

    What a nice opportunity to have a catch up. That cupcake looks amazing and now I feel like a chai latte ;-)

  13. Hello Gorgeous I'm just catching up on my blog reading and discovered this. Thanks for the sweet mention! And what a delightful catchup it was - we could have rabbited on for hours if only I didn't have the school run to do! And you kept your little blogoversary quiet - bravo you! Looking forward to our next catch-up. J x PS Having you other bloggy friends there would have been fabulous - we should aim for a get-together in Hobart one day ☺.

  14. Sweet envy is bad...but oh so good! I'm only just starting to realise how close north hobart is to my house (have always gone the sandy bay direction for some reason)! and I saw they had a potato and rosemary bread too, I need that to eat with soup! It sounds like you had a lovely catch up too : )

  15. oh and happy blog anniversary! Two years!!


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