Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday flower...sort of...and lucky me!

I recently discovered this amazing eucalypt tree whilst out and about with Mum. It has the most amazing gumnuts.

The younger gumnuts were waxy and small but these older ones were covered in a white dusty coating.

So sculptural and interesting.

I also wanted to share these lovely cards.

I was the lucky winner of a pack of Cavania cards from Lesley at Life at Number 10.
They're so beautiful! Don't you just love receiving pretty packages in the mail? Makes for a nice change from bills!

Well, how about The Block last night? I was so excited to see that fellow blogger Katrina was successful with her sister and will now be moving into the house (if you could call it that). Very exciting!
Anyway, happy Friday friends. Have a good weekend!


  1. Lovely cards! I was so excited for Katrina last night too - had everything crossed for her. Will be funny watching her each week on television - she has great taste so I know the rooms she puts together will look amazing. Hope you have some lovely things planned for the weekend x

  2. Just gorgeous, Sarah. I'm now following her sweet blog, thanks to you. And yes, go Katrina! I think bloggers all over Australia were whopping it up last night ☺. J x

  3. Hello,

    those gumnuts are gorgeous. Does that mean their flowers have come out yet, or will they come out in spring?

    Sometimes gumnut flowers are spectacular.

    I agree about the presents vs bills debate.

  4. Such a pretty tree set against that deep blue background. Congrats on your win those are very pretty cards - the one with the blue and white vase is my favourite. Have a great weekend Sarah! xx

  5. oh wow I didn't realise she was a blogger! I was so glad her and her sister won - their room was definitely my favorite so far!!

  6. What gorgeous gumnuts and a sweet win! Those cards are so lovely! Happy weekend! x

  7. Eucalyptus caesia "silver princess"

  8. Yes, thanks Kaite, that's the one :)

  9. I do love a magic gumnut! My little girl used to think (still does?) they were magic and had fairies living in and around them. Never knew why!

  10. lucky winner Sarah!!! and very beautiful eucaliptus variety... and have loved your pinboard and the painted sticks, both great and lovely ideas.

  11. Glad you liked the cards :) x I now live in Australia and run Cavania and a store from Geraldton WA.


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