Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Painted sticks and magic puddings

Yesterday I painted a stick. Yes, a stick. And then I put the painted stick in my lounge room.
I must say, I rather fancy my new little grouping. Lyndon, on the other hand, thinks I am going mad.
(but I'm pretty sure he likes the look of my stick)

Doesn't my painted stick just finish it all off?

My lovely paper creation by talented friend Leonie Oakes.

A little group of inexpensive vases. The big one from Freedom, the middle one is a carafe from a local homewares store and the little green vase from good old friend, Ikea.
I adore the little cast crystal dress sculpture. It's by a New Zealand artist.

On to other things (though I doubt this is the last painted stick you will see from me... I'm thinking neon pink stickage next)...
Last night I cooked (for the first time ever) a coffee and chocolate self-saucing pudding.

This pic is from an old Donna Hay magazine, but mine did look the same.

I just don't get how it comes out with the sauce all separate and yummy?
It's like magic!
How does it do that? No, don't tell me, I like the magic of it. Great winter dessert goodness.
How are you Aussie readers enjoying The Block? I'm loving it though I wasn't so keen in last night's rooms.
Hope you are keeping warm.


  1. Your 'stick' definitely finishes off your nook :) Yummy pudding, it's funny I was planning on making a chocolate one tonight too (and will hopefully have leftovers for tomorrow night too). I've been watching The Block as well, although only saw the end of last night's episode. It must be hard thinking and working under that type of pressure.

  2. Hi Sarah, I am LOVING your painted stick! That is a perfect shade of blue and I adore those blues and greens together! Sometimes you just need some height in a display and a painted stick is JUST the thing for yours! That paper dress is gorgeous! I love the Block, it is a family affair here, so we all sit down together and pass comments! They have to make such quick decisions and I think they must have to use a certain amount of items from the sponsers so they are limited by that... mind you, how fun to have $5000 to decorate a room!
    The time limit would be very challenging though! x

  3. I love your stick! it looks so good there with all the little colorful vases! the pudding sounds really yummy! enjoy!! :0

  4. I think your painted stick is great and I love it. I have one myself and like yours I think it finishes off my nook perfectly. xx

  5. Painted sticks look fab in funky art glass! And I'm such a fan of a self saucing pudding. I've never thought of doing a coffee and chocolate one though. Sounds yum!xx

  6. I can't believe how much I love the painted stick!! It really works and in my fave colour too! And you're making me hungry for that pudd!

  7. Painted stick is fab and loving the blue/green combo :) Abbey x

  8. That's funny, I'm about to paint a stick white, so I don't think you're crazy at all! I promised to do a blue themed high tea for Rob's daughter's birthday, so I've ordered a heap of bargain lanterns and honeycomb decorations. But I need to make a zillion tissue paper pom poms. I thought I'd make some smaller ones and hang them from the sticks in a white jug.
    The pudding sounds delicious too.

  9. Oh i have that tempting Donna magazine too, the lady at the newsagency said her daughter made it with a spoon of peanut butter mixed in when it's hot, for her peanut butter loving grandson.
    The blue branches are gorgeous, love love. Have a lovely evening, love Posie

  10. Your painted stick is wonderful. Adds such ambience ;) I love spray painting branches too, in white, silver for christmas and pine cones too! And yummmmmmmmmmmmm...

  11. Oh, Sarah, you know I love it with the blue and the green! I can see you're going to come in very handy for decorating advice in our new home ☺. J x

  12. Love the painted stick, but not overly impressed with The Block... I didn't think the trial round rooms were completely creative and amazing, but I have to admit I'm pretty curious to see what the teams can do with those scrap heaps of houses they've been given. Just stumbled across your blog, and so glad I did!
    - Catherine at The Spring

  13. The stick looks great! Very clever and artistic indeed. Ange


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