Monday, June 20, 2011

How I have been amusing myself lately...

I've been making cards!
I have found it rather relaxing and a lot of fun.

I've used my old wooden printing blocks for these 'wordy' ones.

There's that Washi tape!

I've also made use of tissue paper and some sweet rubber stamps.
Each one has a matching envelope too. Fancy, huh?

It all started because I made these gift tags and was having too much fun.

See what you can do with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a big HECS debt???
I do laugh about that a bit.

I did start making a washi tape tree but the shape was wrong so now it's just a prototype :)

Can I ask you guys what you think? Be honest, constructive criticism welcomed - you can post anonymously!!
Which ones do you like best? (if any that is!)
ps. yes I did try to iron out the wrinkles in the fabric, but hey, let's keep it real :)
pps. how exciting is it that The Block starts on tv tonight? Woohoo!!


  1. What a nice cards darling...enjoy a lovely

  2. Theyre gorgeous Sarah, i love the doiley print ones!

  3. They're all fab Sarah but I love the little gift tag ones best :)bWill you be selling them on etsy? x

  4. They're all amazing Sarah, so pretty! I love the butterflies x

  5. way too cute.....i have to say i love the tags more, and i love them on the tree {clever you} and yay thanks for reminding me about the block woo hoo i can't wait i love those shows lisa xx

  6. those are very pretty... well done!

  7. I LOVE your cards and tags!!!! They are gorgeous... colours, designs, tape, ALL of it! X
    PS watching the end of the block right now!!! Wow, love the first winners room, mind you the black bedroom looked good too, but... I have to admit could never paint a bedroom black, not brave enough I am afraid! Gorgeous white chair in that bedroom too! X

  8. You know how much I adore them, Sarah. Especially as the tags you made me seem to be the prototype! Oh, now I have so many questions like where can I find that butterfly stamp?! You should sell them in your Etsy store. J x

  9. i love the lacey ones and the butterflies best.

  10. I love the doily ones Sarah, and anything with washi tape has me smiling too. And I think your colour and pattern combinations are great. What is 'playing' for you doesn't come naturally to everyone. You just don't give yourself enough credit!
    Amanda x
    P.S I hope we get the new series of The Block over here. I love that show!

  11. They're gorgeous Sarah. Very clever. Love the gift tag with the blue and white twine in the last picture. gxo

  12. I love your cards Sarah, seeing them makes me want to go home and make some of my own, right now! xx

  13. I love the pink ones in the first photo, and the ones with text also - I always see those vintage lettering blocks and wonder what I could do with them! How did you like the Block so far? I thhought the Monday coupldes were both much better than the Tuesday ones..


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