Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday flowers...sort of

I just had to start with this photo of the sunrise I took just a few minutes ago. How beautiful and no, I did not intensify the colour, that's how bright it was. Of course it's gone now, dissolved into a pale yellow and blue.

Well, on to Friday Flowers...sort of...

Okay, so not exactly flowers, but who's making the rules here?

I missed autumn this year on my blog but I did take these pics outside work the other day when it was still autumn.

What unusual fruit, or are they seed pods on this plane tree.

Very sculptural.

Can you believe it's winter already? In Hobart it has been chilly but lovely and clear. Are you all keeping warm? (Hi to those of you moving into summer).
I have to say I don't mind winter - I enjoy seeing the contrasts of all the seasons. It would be a bit boring for me if the weather was the same all the time. No risk of that in Tasmania!!
Happy Friday to you all :)


  1. I love the changing seasons too! Your photos are so pretty.
    Enjoy the weekend

  2. wow, love your kind of flowers! gorgeous sunrise, bound to be a beautiful day. jxx

  3. they're seed pods, they open to distribute their light seeds all over the place, and some like me are sinus allergic to them. Lovely sunrise tho, what time was it?

  4. I've learnt to love winter too over the years. Those seed pods would look cute displayed in a small vase and what a stunning sky! Hope you have a great weekend xx

  5. I wish I could get up early enough to see the sunrise! Thank you for showing me what it's like!!
    Have a good weekend.

  6. Beautiful...happy weekend love Ria...please come and jpin my give away if you want???

  7. We agree again Sarah! I too love seeing the changes in the season. It is a bit harder in QLD with our milder climate, we don't really get much autumn or spring or is it that winter is more like autumn here...I don't know. Have a lovely weekend in beautiful Tassie. xx Katherine

  8. oh I hate to think how early you were up to get that sunrise Sarah but i think it was worth it, looks lovely! I missed autumn a bit too, especially being away for so much of it but as long as it stays a little sunny like it has I don't mind winter either. Have a good rest of the weekend x

  9. baeutiful sunrise photo - amazing colours.
    love all your foliage photos
    starnge to think of you moving in to winter whilst we're baking here at present (although a bit cloudier today!)
    thanks for your comment and for letting me know the name of the flower - havent got a decent flower identification book here so usuless at finding out unless someone recognises it!
    have a great weekend Sarah!

  10. Your photos are gorgeous! The sky in the first shot is stunning and I love those Autumn photos too! X


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