Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday flowers - moody blue and mauve

Delphiniums are one of my favourite blooms.

I love the colours, how they have little faces, the delicacy of the petals...
what's not to love?

These beauties came from the local Farmer's Market recently.

I visited with the sole purpose of buying handmade soap but as soon as I saw people wandering around with beautiful blue bunches I was on another mission (the soap lady wasn't there anyway).

This variety is grown in glasshouses and is much taller than the Pacific Giant variety we grow in our gardens. The stems are HUGE!

As you can see I went to town with the camera. Dad lent me his Canon DSLR, so I made the most of it :)
The light was really low (that wall in the background is in fact white) but I think the camera did a nice job.

Oh so gorgeous!!
I might have to pop back this week and see if the flower man is there :)
What's your fave flower? Or are you like me and have many?
It looks like being a chilly weekend here in Tassie. Tomorrow is tree erecting day so that'll be fun as I have some new deccys to display. I'll show the results soon.
Have a good weekend friends.


  1. i think that both the camera and the camera operator did a magnificent job, they are all gorgeous, the colours are divine.
    my fav flower, for now, has to be the geranium, the humble and now not so humble geranium. have a lovely weekend.....

  2. Love these blue colours, I can't wait to set up my flower garden properly and fill it with new flowers for picking.
    My favourite, hmmm, roses or lilies, can't pick which. Although value for money wise I love ranunculus!
    I can't wait to see your tree and all your new decorations. I'm still hoping to pick up a few at the last market at the masonic lodge, when Rob's not looking! Hope you have a lovely weekend, even if the weather doesn't look that promising.

  3. Beautiful flowers and photos Sarah! I am a big lover of flowers generally too but my faves are peonies and David Austin roses :)

    Have a lovely weekend :)

    Abbey x

  4. Beautiful Sarah, you know your way around the DSLR nicely.

  5. How gorgeous are they? Mine all fell over in the rain this week so I was forced to pick some. The experts tell me this will give me more (although smaller) blooms throughout summer. We will see! And yes, the camera did a nice job...

  6. I always love your Friday Flowers, Sarah! Your delphiniums are stunning...certainly brightened up my day! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos! Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead ~ xx

  7. Wowwwww...they are great !!!! love ..........♥.. ♥... ♥....

  8. oh those blues are so beautiful! I haven't seen them at the farmers market before but haven't been so much recently. Hope you have a great weekend, the weather is pathetic isn't it, oh well that's Hobart : )

  9. Your photos are so lovely Sarah. My favourite flower is the oriental lily but I like most flowers especially roses. xx

  10. Sucker for blues, even had iris in my hair at my wedding, glorious flowers. Love Posie
    Oh nominated you for an Ultimate Christmas Gift List on my blog a couple of days ago, check it out!!

  11. Oooooooh, they had me at Hello, those beauties.
    Can understand how you fell for the colors.
    Fresh flowers and farmer's market sounds so good about now.

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  12. Sarah, they are just divine. I hope there'll be some left there tomorrow! J x

  13. I adore delphiniums! the blues are just heavenly but all the shades are gorgeous. I can never pick a single favourite flower type, I love them all, but I do think peonies are very special. Penny x

  14. Beautiful flowers and gorgeous shots too! X

  15. Oh so beautiful!! What stunning colours. I like a whole range of flowers too :) Happy tree decorating x

  16. Beautiful flowers amazing photography

  17. Stunning photos. Where would we be without flowers? Even the most stylish interiors would not look the same if it wasn't for them. x


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