Monday, December 12, 2011

My Christmas wishlist

I was tagged by Jennie from Posie Patchwork to create a Christmas wishlist.
Warning: this is going to be a bit boring!
Why boring? Well, I have to start by saying that we have been on the tightest budget imaginable this year. It's been interesting discovering that I can actually survive with very little retail therapy.
That's not to say that I don't wish for things.
So, my list...
*well, we all know I have been complaining that I haven't got an DSLR. Do you know what? I have been leaning towards the compact digital cameras pictured above. They have interchangeable, high quality lenses but none of the bulk. This needs more investigating me thinks.

* I would dearly love a new laptop, something that doesn't get so hot it's about to explode (I'm not using that one anymore).

* My silly wishlist item is a Cuisinart Icecream maker.

image from Cuisinart website
I have been obsessing over this for a while. Does anyone have one? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

image from Mulberry website
* I'd quite fancy a new handbag as I've been carrying my old Countrty Road one for quite a few years now. I like relaxed styles and rather like this one from Mulberry. Dream on Sarah...

* if I'm going to get really crazy I'd say I'd wish for a Parisian holiday. Enough said...

BUT, realistically, I really don't care. We never do big gift Christmases. I do love seeing Molly unwrap pressies (sometimes not even for her, but she likes to help other people) with such enthusiasm and my big joy will be getting the family together for a meal.
I invite you all to post about your Christmas wishlists, whatever they might be.
Have a happy week friends and also a very happy birthday today to my lovely little niece who turns 4 today.


  1. I hope your dreams come true love

  2. Yes, a new laptop that doesn't shut down all the time would be on my list too. I'm actually going to wait for the sales in the New Year for that one...maybe...xx

  3. I don't have a big wishlist this year fact, apart from the desire to go to France again, I'm pretty content with my lot at the moment. We've had a pretty frugal year too, so I think all i want this Chrissy is a book to take away to the beach in January.
    Boring aren't I?

  4. I'd like everything on your wishlist especially that camera!

  5. Darn you, Sarah!!!
    Because of you, I have now added a few items to my also tight well thought out budgeted wish list.
    I looooooooooooove the Mulberry purse.
    I must have it.


  6. I would really like an iphone, I know it is not going to happen. BUt, a girl can dream.

  7. I want your list Sarah! Some fantastic things on there. I was looking at the ice cream makers in habitat today thinking it is probably a must for this summer. Love the bag too, and would go back to Paris in a heartbeat if I could! I hope you are enjoying this time of year xx

  8. Well Sarah, sounds like you have been very good all year with your budget, so I hope Santa rewards you. Fingers crossed! ;-)

  9. The last two Christmases were very tight budget wise, actually the last 2 years whilst we had to save for the hut build, and then all the unexpected extras. It was amazing how many things you can go without, but I did miss buying gifts, eating out, and not having to justify every single purchase.
    I wish you the very best Christmas, and it sounds like you have got it right, being with family and watching a puppy open presents!

  10. Those all look like amazing gift ideas... so nice to dream! I hope some beautiful things come your way! Also I have just passed the Liebster Blog award on to you, thanks for being an inspiration! X

  11. I just know how good you've been this year Sarah, and I'm sure that Santa will have been watching. A new laptop is on my wishlist too, but I know I'll be wishing for that for some time yet, so really in the mean time I need the lemon to keep working. (Perhaps I shouldn't call it a lemon, in case it's listening as I type!) xx

  12. Well if Santa is reading, I can recommend a Macbook air, I am in love with mine!
    Penny x


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