Thursday, December 29, 2011

Some more Christmas fun

Christmas seems like a long time ago now, doesn't it?
I am definitely in the swing of holiday mode now and feeling rather lazy despite a long "to do" list.

I wanted to share a few pics of my gingerbread house, created at the last minute in a massive rush.
This year it was mainly white and green. I even had edible glitter which added a nice sparkle.

I just can't help it.
Here's a few more photos of the furry girl.
I was a little late in the pic above, she had been snoozing with her head under the tree, on top of some pressies.
Boy, she loves pressies.

The pressie unwrapping aftermath...

All pooped from all the excitement.
Well, despite my state of laziness I might drag myself to the kitchen to make some raspberry jam...or not.
I've been doing a spot of sewing too. So far I've made a dodgy cover for a footrest, am in the middle of pillowcase making and have plans to make some new loungeroom cushions too.
My super tedious plans are to clean my car (inside and out) and clean out the pantry. I suspect the pantry might take a full day. Oh joy!
Hopefully you are all having a fairly relaxing festive period too :)


  1. Your gingerbread house is stunning! It looks so professional! I hope you do have the energy for jam, it is so yummy. Happy sewing & a very happy new year! X

  2. Oh my gosh, our to do lists are very similar. I am waiting for the weather to cool a little before I tackle the car.
    Your gingerbread house is gorgeous. I love the idea of the glitter. I must remember that for next year. I have just posted pics of ours we must be on the same wavelength.

  3. Sarah!! You seriously just threw that gingerbread house together...WOW! I have only ever tried to put one together once...disaster:( Well done you! Love the pics of your sweet Molly!! Enjoy your jam making, sounds like a wonderful way to spend an afternoon ~ xx

  4. Love your gingerbread house Sarah. I think you to do list is a good one - I need to tackle our pantry too...but I might wait until next year! xx

  5. hi Sarah, Mum and i had a lovely time viewing all your Molly videos recently, we watched the bone unwrapping too, she loves to rip open pressies. And how funny, i cleaned out the pantry too and it did take nearly a day but now i can actually find things.

  6. Fun stuff Sarah...looks like Molly had a whale of a time!
    Pantry? I'm too scared to clean out the pantry, in fact some days I'm too scared to open the door to it as things seem to topple out
    Maybe next year.

  7. Hi Sarah....doesn't Christmas seem so far away. Almost ready to begin planning for next years :) No I'll wait to January at least for that hehe. Anyhow I just wanted to say how I love your pics above and that Gingerbread House looks just delicious xx

  8. She's so gorgeous Sarah, I've never seen a dog so excited by pressies! Very cool! I love your gingerbread house too, I've never made one but I think I will give it a try next year. Ha and your list, I cleaned my car too and the pantry cupboard that I have!


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