Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Solar meerkats and other crazy gift ideas

For some unknown reason, I was sent a shopping catalogue with the wackiest gift ideas I have ever seen. So, I had to share.
Some people can be so difficult to buy for, so these ideas might help, or at least give you a chuckle :)
Look at that image above. Who wouldn't love a Solar powered meerkat crystal ball light?

Or how about a dog chasing a cat chasing a bird up a tree ensemble?

Solar powered chickens anyone?

I had to laugh when I say this. I doubt it would keep my Molly contained for a moment.

This one is good for Tasmanians who don't get to enjoy seeing koalas climbing trees in their backyard.

What gets me is the fact that someone had to come up with these wacky ideas.
I don't quite understand the thought process that decides that a solar powered crystal ball needs some meerkats to make it just right.
Anyway, I hope I've helped with those 'hard to buy for' family members.


  1. I often find those catalogues in my mailbox, and I love browsing them, trying to decide which wacky thing I'll buy for someone. Like you, I can't imagine who dreams them up.

    Seriously though, who could resist meercats and a crystal ball, a talking point for your next party?

  2. Sarah it's long been known that crystal balls will always attract meercats, didn't you know that!! ;) love the idea of solar powered koalas, i might have to get one of those.

  3. What nice !!! from me

  4. Great stuff. I'm a frequent Movie Gift Card giver, myself. Have you heard of Knock Knock? Their stuff is really great for teens / college kids / adults as well. That's my other 'go-to' gift spot.

  5. There are some wacky gifts out there aren't there. I haven't seen one of those catalogues for a while. Thanks for the chuckle.


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