Wednesday, December 7, 2011

still life

I recently decided to create a nice Victorian-era inspired still life for my glass dome.

I fiddle-faddled with ivy, fir branches, vintage flowers and leaves, butterflies, sticks and oasis.
Boy, was there some fiddle-faddling!

The results were a little squishy but quite pleasing, if I do say so myself :)


...a day or so later the whole thing turned into a terrarium. It became so moist it was impossible to see inside. Darn it! Even propping up the dome to ventilate the display didn't work, so I gave up.
Bit of a pity. Oh well, I took a few photos to share before I dismantled it. Next time I wont use living bits :)

Have any of the Aussie readers been watching the tv show, "who's been sleeping in my house"? What a fascinating show. I was really inspired by last Monday night's show (set in Hobart) to investigate our home a bit more. Maybe over my Christmas break I'll pop onto the Titles Office for a look.


  1. At least it looked good for a day! I've been absolutely enthralled with the tv show, tickles all my historian fancies. Go for it, I'll look forward to hearing what you find.

  2. It was a brilliant idea though! It's a good show isn't it, although I was told yesterday that there's not a single NSW house in the series. I find that a bit odd!

  3. I love your Victorian style still life! What a shame it didn't like being under the dome, it is so lovely!
    I watched Whose been Sleeping in my house? too, it was fantastic! So interesting, you never know what has happened in times passed. Have you been watching the one hosted by Caroline Quintin in the UK? I think that is called Restoration Home, they look up the history as they restore the homes. I love that show too! x

  4. Beautiful photos! No I haven't heard of that show - must look it up :)

  5. The arrangement looks spectacular! Shame about the dampness. It sounds like an intriguing show, one that makes me wish we did have a tv. I wonder in the future when someone else lives in the hut (unthinkable really) if they'd like to know the trouble we went to have it just so!

  6. I haven't watched the show at all. I'll have to now that I know it is good. I can't wait to see what you find out about your place. xx

  7. Ooh, you had me at butterflies, Sarah. J x

  8. wow it looks are very very talented sarah......smooch have a fab friday lisa xx


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