Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another visit to Mona Museum

During my holiday break Lyndon and I popped out to Mona museum for another look.
I still hadn't been into the museum's library, the Keiffer Pavillion and there was also a new exhibition by Belgian conceptual artist Wim Delvoye to see.
The image above is a concrete mixer truck made from cut steel by Wim Delvoye. It was sitting outside in the elements and I thought it was just stunning.

It was nice to see the rooftop gardens were growing nicely too.

Some more shots of the truck sculpture.
The silhouettes are reminicent of cathedral shapes.

Wim Delvoye's work was amazing. Some of it was stunning, whilst other parts of it was more stunning for other reasons (if you get my drift). Really too hard to describe. In one gallery a man named Tim was sitting on a display plinth, his heavily tattooed back to us. It took me a long time to realise that he was in fact breathing! He really must have mastered the practice of meditation. The artist had designed and created his tattoo so he had become a living piece of art.

Above and below is a work by Anselm Keifer. It lives in its own purpose-built space and is made from sheets of metal and glass. It represents books in a bookcase.

In the library area I also discovered a huge twin panel Brett Whitely painting. It was amazing. I couldn't get a good photo though.

And to finish off, a super cheery Takashi Murakami cushion on the floor of the library. I just adore his work.
Going out to Mona is always entertaining, thought provoking and eye opening!
Fellow blogger Kerry posted about her visit to Mona the other day. Check out her post for some great images.


  1. Oh it's the most wonderful place isn't it Sarah! You're so lucky to be able to pop in whenever you can. I think if I lived in Hobart I'd have to set up camp outside :)

  2. It's terrible to admit it, but we still haven't been at all!

  3. now that is something i really envy you for, being able to pop over to Mona whenever you want almost. the work on that truck is extraordinary.

  4. What a great day out, I would love to spend some time there! X


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